Cardboard baler machine is used for baling soft materials such as waste paper, cardboard, etc. into compact bales for storage, transport and recycling.

Types of cardboard baling machines are available in the vertical baler and horizontal baler, which can be selected according to different production requirements.

Besides, the cardboard box baler is widely exported to countries all over the world, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Gabon, Algeria, etc. Its role is not only reflected in resource recovery, but also in reducing the cost of waste disposal.

video on how to bale cardboard box with vertical & horizontal baler

Type 1: vertical cardboard baler

Vertical carton baler is our hot-selling model, specializing in cardboard, and waste paper baling. Its unique vertical design makes it suitable for compact baling of cardboard, paper, waste paper and other paper materials.

With the hydraulic system, the cardboard compactor baler quickly compresses cardboard into strong square packages, reducing space requirements for storage and transport, and improving working efficiency.

Benefits of using the vertical cardboard baler machine

This kind of cardboard compactor not only reduces the cost of paper waste disposal, but also helps the environment by reducing waste through the efficient use of paper resources, making them an important tool for the cardboard recycling industry.

Components of small cardboard baler

cardboard baler machine for sale
Cardboard Baler Machine For Sale

Hydraulic system: Pressure is applied by hydraulic cylinders to compress the paper into parcels. The hydraulics system is the heart of the vertical baler.

Compression chamber: Place the paper materials usually and it’s a spacious loading platform to accommodate large quantities of waste paper and cardboard.

Flaps: Flaps are located in the working area to adjust and position the sheets to ensure they are fed correctly into the compression area of the baler.

Electrical system: Provides the electrical power supply required by the vertical baler to control and drive the various components of the baler.

These components work in tandem to enable the vertical baler to efficiently bale paper waste into compact packages for storage, transport and recycling.

How to make cardboard bales?

Prepare the work area

First, stack the cardboard and other paper waste in the work area of the vertical cardboard baler machine. Ensure that the working area is clean and that the paper is neatly arranged for subsequent processing.

Set Parameters

The operator will usually need to set the cardboard recycling baler’s parameters, such as the baling force and baling time, to cater to different materials and parcel sizes.

Start the baler machine

Start the cardboard baler machine and the hydraulic system begins to operate. The baler is usually equipped with an automatic feeding system that transports the paper waste to the compression area.

Compress the paper waste

Paper is fed into the compression zone where hydraulic cylinders begin to apply pressure to tightly compress the paper into a strong package. The compression process usually consists of several reciprocating operations to ensure the tightness of the cardboard bales.

Tie and bundle

Once the paper waste has been compressed into a bale, the bale can be tied using a tying device or strapping machine to ensure it remains compact.

Finish baling

Once the baler has finished its work, the operator can remove the baled cardboard and move it to a storage area or transport it to a recycling site.

Optional models of vertical cardboard baler machines

cardboard baler manufacturers
cardboard baler manufacturers

Do you know how to choose the right one? The type of this carton baler varies from 30t to 100t models, the hot-selling models are listed below. Of course, if you need a bigger type of baler, we can also provide it.

Bale size600*800*1000mm100*60*80mm110*75cm
Cylinder stroke/125cm160cm
Machine size1650*850*2750mm1650*850*2700mm1850*2000*3100mm
hot-selling vertical baler parameters

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Type 2: horizontal cardboard baler

Horizontal carton baler machine is used for baling various waste materials into compact packages and come in two main types, semi-automatic and fully automatic, where the difference lies in whether or not they are equipped with a conveyor belt system.

Semi-automatic horizontal recycling baler requires the operator to manually place the waste material into the baling area, whereas fully automatic models include an automated feeding system for continuous automatic handling of the waste material.

Both use hydraulics to compress the waste material tightly and then secure the parcel with a strapping device. Horizontal balers are typically used to process paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, metal scrap, etc., improving storage and transport efficiency while helping to recycle and reuse waste materials.

Advantages of horizontal cardboard baler machine

horizontal cardboard baler machine
horizontal cardboard baler machine
  • Horizontal working mode: This hydraulic cardboard baler machine works horizontally, where the scrap is handled and baled on a horizontal platform. This design makes it suitable for handling large, bulky scrap such as cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, metal scrap, etc.
  • High compression capacity: The commercial cardboard box baler usually has a powerful hydraulic system capable of highly compressing the scrap into strong packages to reduce size, storage and transport costs.
  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic: Horizontal baler for cardboard can be categorized as either semi-automatic or fully automatic. Semi-automatic models require the operator to manually place the scrap, while fully automatic models are equipped with an automatic feeding system that allows for continuous processing of the scrap for increased efficiency.
  • Customisability: We can customize the machine to suit different applications, including adjustments to parameters such as the strength of the bales, the tying method and the size of the parcels.
  • Wide range of applications: Our cardboard baler machine is widely used in waste recycling, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and other fields for processing and managing various waste materials, which helps resource recycling and environmental protection.

Hot-selling models of automatic cardboard baler

Feeding port size1700*1020mm1650*1100mm1650*1100mm
Final product size600*600mm(can be customized)W1.1*H 1.25*L 2m(adjustable)W 1.1*H 1.25*L 2m(adjustable)
Final product weight700-800kg/bale1-1.3 t/bale500-1000kg/bale
Total motor22kw22/37kw37kw
Capacity25-30T/DAY5-8 t/h4-8 t/h
horizontal cardboard baler machine parameters

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commercial cardboard baler for sale
commercial cardboard baler for sale

What materials can be baled by a cardboard baler machine?

Our cardboard compactor can be used for baling a wide range of materials, mainly: cardboard, waste paper, newspapers, magazines and other paper waste, plastic bottles, plastic containers, aluminum cans, hollow metal cans and containers, oil drums, bins, cotton, textile and fabric waste, waste clothes, sawdust, foam and more.

Applications of cardboard baling machine

Shuliy cardboard baler machine is used in a wide range of applications, including paper recycling stations, printing houses, carton manufacturers, supermarkets and logistics centres.

How to get the cardboard baler machine price?

Getting the price of a cardboard box baler is very simple. Simply contact us and we will provide you with the most competitive price and detailed information. Our dedicated sales team will provide customized advice based on your needs and size, and ensure you get a cost-effective cardboard baler.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about the baler machine for cardboard and the best prices. If you want to use the waste paper & cardboard for other products making, like egg tray, we also have paper tray machine for sale.

In short, if you want to know the relevant information, please contact us!