The egg tray production line is a highly efficient machine designed to manufacture paper egg trays as an alternative to traditional plastic packaging. With a wide range of production capacities from 1000-8000pcs/h, the line is designed to meet the needs of different sizes.

This egg carton production line has features of automated operation, environmentally friendly material utilization, flexible production capacity and customizability.

Due to its high-quality egg tray products, the egg tray production line equipment has been widely exported to many countries, helping companies to achieve sustainable packaging solutions and reduce plastic pollution.

working video on paper tray production

Raw materials for manufacturing paper trays

The raw materials used in manufacturing paper trays primarily consist of recycled paper, often sourced from newspapers, cardboard, and other paper waste.

These materials are collected, sorted, and processed into paper pulp. The paper pulp is then molded and dried to create sturdy and eco-friendly paper trays. This recycling process not only reduces the environmental impact of paper waste but also supports sustainable packaging solutions.

Egg tray manufacturing process

The key things to look out for in the egg tray production line are to ensure the quality of the pulp, the design of the moulds and the control of the drying process in order to produce a high quality, sturdy egg tray product.

Step 1: Preparation of raw materials

Firstly, waste paper needs to be prepared as raw materials. These raw materials usually include paper materials such as old newspapers and waste cardboard.

step 2: Pulp Preparation

Pulp preparation is a crucial step in making egg trays. Shredded waste paper is mixed with water and soaked to form pulp. The pulp is stirred and ground to ensure it has the right consistency and texture.

step 3: Molding

To make paper egg trays, the pulp is poured into egg tray moulds, which are shaped to resemble the shape of an egg. Excess moisture is removed while the pulp is compressed into the desired shape, the egg tray.

step 4: Drying

After moulding, the egg tray is sent to a drying chamber to remove the remaining water. The drying chamber can be either natural or using specialized drying equipment. This step ensures that the trays are completely dry for storage and use.

step 5: Hot pressing and Packaging

After drying, the trays are hot pressed to give them a cleaner appearance and to ensure consistency. They can then be stacked and packaged ready for dispatch to market.

Egg tray production line equipment

paper pulper machine
Paper Pulper Machine

Paper pulping machine

This machine is specially designed to crush paper into paper pulp, in preparation for the egg tray molding.

Egg tray making machine

This paper tray molding machine forms paper pulp into shapes that you require, such as egg tray, egg carton, coffee cup tray, nursery tray, etc. Our egg tray machine can produce 1000-8000 paper trays per hour.

egg tray making machine
Egg Tray Making Machine
egg tray dryer machine
Egg Tray Dryer Machine

Egg tray dryer machine

Because the paper trays are wet when they are just produced, they need to be dried in t he egg tray drying machine. This is a metal dryer that can dry the egg trays quickly.

Hot pressing machine

After drying, to make the egg tray more beautiful and tidy, a heat press is needed.

hot pressing machine
Hot Pressing Machine
egg tray packaging machine
Egg Tray Packaging Machine

Egg tray packing machine

After completing the above steps, we will use a packaging machine to pack the egg trays in batches for easy transportation and sales.

Features of commercial egg tray production line

  • High production capacity: Commercial egg tray production line is designed for mass production and can produce thousands of trays per hour.
  • Automation: This line is highly automated, reducing labour costs and increasing productivity.
  • Versatility: Our egg tray making machine can manufacture trays in a variety of sizes and designs to meet different packaging needs.
  • Customization: We offer customization options for branding, labelling and paper tray design to meet your specific requirements.
  • Minimal maintenance: The egg carton production line is designed for minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and operational disruptions.

Technical data of egg tray production line

Brand: Shuliy

Capacity: 1000-8000 pcs/h

Raw materials: waste paper, newspaper, magazines, used books, cardboard, cartons, and other similar materials.

Machines used in the line: paper pulper, egg tray machine, drying machine, hot pressing machine and packing machine.

Finished products of egg tray production line

end products of egg tray making machine
end products of egg tray making machine

The finished product of an egg tray processing line is a sturdy and environmentally friendly paper tray designed to hold and transport eggs safely. These trays are usually of moulded design with compartments to hold individual eggs. They are available in a variety of sizes, such as 6-, 10- or 30-compartment trays, to cater for different egg quantities.

In addition, paper tray shapes are customized to meet the specific needs of producers and retailers. For example, egg cartons, nursery trays, wine trays, potty trays, fruit trays, lunch boxes, coffee trays, anisotropic tows, etc.

Egg tray molds for paper tray production

Egg tray moulds are usually made from durable materials such as metal or plastic. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each designed to make a specific type of paper tray, such as those used to hold six eggs, ten eggs or even larger quantities.

Functions in the egg tray production line

During the egg tray production process, the pulp is poured into these moulds, excess water is drained and the pulp takes the shape of the mould compartment. After drying, the paper trays are removed from the moulds to form the final product for egg packaging and transport.

Cost analysis of egg tray production line start-up

Raw materialsOne tonne of waste paper can produce 12000-15000 pieces of egg tray (according to the weight of the customer’s finished product)
According to the finished egg tray 80 grams, a tonne of waste paper is 1,000,000 grams, a tonne of paper is out of the egg tray 12,500 pieces, assuming that the price of a tonne of waste paper is 1,500 yuan, then the cost of each piece of 1,500/12,500=0.12 yuan
Raw material cost per piece of egg tray: 0.12 yuan
Labour6 labor for natural drying and 4 labor for metal drying. Domestic calculation per piece of 0.02 yuanLabor: 0.02 yuan per piece
ElectricyAccording to the output, according to the power can be calculated, the higher the output, the lower the cost, an average of 0.02 yuan per pieceElectricy: 0.02 yuan per piece
DryingElectricity: 0.02 yuan per pieceCoal: 0.03 yuan per piece
Wood: 0.03 yuan per piece
Natural gas: 0.06 yuan per piece
Diesel: 0.08 yuan per piece
Electricity12 yuan per kilogram of pigment, a kilogram can be out of the egg tray 3000-4000 tablets
Egg tray cost analysis table

Successful cases of fully automatic egg tray production line

Fully automated egg tray production line success stories demonstrate their efficiency and profitability. These systems enable companies to achieve high yields, reduce labor costs and minimize waste. Successful exports to Nigeria, Kenya, Chad, Zambia, Sri Lanka and India contribute to sustainable packaging solutions.

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