PET bottle recycling plant is a washing plant that converts used plastic bottles, drinking bottles, etc into clean PET bottle flakes through a series of processes. The whole process includes label removal, crushing, washing and drying, which is basic steps. Generally speaking, the capacity of this PET bottle washing line is 500-600kg per hour.

Moreover, the raw material of this plastic recycling line can be loose plastic bottles or bottle bales. Different raw materials have different cleaning degrees, 96%-98% for original bottles and 85%-90% for bottle bales.

PET bottle washing recycling line working video

Machines used in PET bottle recycling plant

PET bottle bale breaker
Pet Bottle Bale Breaker

Bale breaker

Used to unwrap discarded PET bottles from the packaging material to provide material for subsequent processing.

De-labeling machine

Designed to remove labels from PET bottles to ensure smooth subsequent processing steps.

de-labeling machine
De-Labeling Machine
plastic bottle crusher
Plastic Bottle Crusher

PET bottle crusher

Crushes the de-labeled PET bottles and converts them into small particles to provide the basis for subsequent washing and drying.

Washing tank

Separates PET bottle caps and plastic bottle flakes, the basic first washing and cleaning.

washing tank
Washing Tank
hot washing
Hot Washing

Hot washing tank

This step focuses on removing any clouds and label adhesive from the surface to make the plastic pieces cleaner.

Friction washer machine

Removes residual substances on the surface of the chips through friction, improving the cleanliness of the PET plastic flakes.

friction washer
Friction Washer
horizontal dryer
Horizontal Dryer

Drying machine

Drying the cleaned PET flakes, removing the water in the plastic chips and ensuring the dryness of the plastic flakes.

Do you know the PET plastic bottle recycling process?

If your answer is yes, you should know the basic steps of PET bottle recycling plant. Let’s read together to learn about it!


Waste PET plastic bottles first need to be collected at consumers and recycling points. This step is the starting point of the whole recycling process, which is related to the feasibility of subsequent processing.

Bale breaking

This step is specifically for PET bottles after hanger packing, these bottles have to be unpacked in the PET bottle recycling line using an unpacking machine first, in preparation for the subsequent de-labeling.


Since the plastic bottles are labeled and the labels are made of PVC, it is necessary to separate the label paper from the plastic bottles.


After labeling, the waste PET bottles need to be sorted and sorted to separate the different types of bottles and remove any contaminants and impurities that may have adhered to the bottles.


After sorting, the PET bottles are sent to a shredder for shredding. The crushed PET bottle flakes can be more easily processed.


The crushed PET bottle flakes pass through the cleaning line and undergo several cleaning processes to remove residual contaminants and labels, including washing separation, hot washing, friction washing, etc. This step can be configured according to specific needs.


After washing, PET bottle flakes need to be dried to remove moisture and ensure the quality of the final product.

Storage and selling

Finally, the recycled PET flakes are received into silos for packaging and sale, and can be supplied to manufacturers for the production of various PET products such as bottles, fibres, etc.

Features of PET bottle washing line

  • Clear operation interface: The whole PET bottle recycling plant line is simple and convenient to operate. It is not prone to failure, and the operation is intuitive and convenient, which effectively improves efficiency and reduces labor costs.
  • Suitable for various plastic bottles: Based on different material sizes and properties, we use different machine configurations to suit your demands.
  • Customization: We are the original manufacturer with over years of production experience, and can process and customize the products you need according to your requirements.

How about the PET recycling plant cost?

The cost of a PET bottle recycling line depends on a number of factors, including the size of the plant, equipment configuration, and level of technology. Generally speaking, larger-scale PET recycling projects involve more equipment and greater production capacity, and thus have a relatively higher cost. When considering the cost of a PET bottle recycling plant, refer to the following aspects:

  • Equipment cost: Purchase cost of equipment such as PET bottle crusher, washing tank, dewatering machine, and so on.
  • Plant construction costs: Plant construction, equipment installation, electrical wiring and so on.
  • Operating costs: Electricity, water, labour and other daily operating expenses.
  • Raw material cost: Purchase of waste PET bottles.
  • Maintenance and repair costs: Regular maintenance and possible repair costs of the equipment.
  • Management costs: Salaries of management personnel, office supplies expenses, etc.

Consider the above when you decide to recycle plastic bottles. As a professional manufacturer of plastic recycling machines, Shuliy Machinery can provide you with personalized equipment solutions according to your needs, and provide you with professional consulting services to help you fully understand and evaluate the investment costs.

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