Friction washing machine is specially for cleaning PET bottle flakes after plastic bottle shredding, to better do waste plastic bottle recycling. This machine is always used in the PET bottle washing line, with a capacity of 500-2000kg/h.

For the plastic bottle recycling plant, this plastic friction washer is in a key role. If do PET bottle recycling, this friction cleaning machine is ideal equipment for you.

Advantages of friction washing machine

  • Efficient cleaning: The plastic bottle washing machine effectively removes contaminants, labels and impurities from recycled materials, ensuring a high level of cleanliness.
  • Improving material quality: In the cleaning process, you can improve the quality of recycled materials, making them suitable for the manufacture of high-quality products.
  • Sustainable recycling: By thoroughly cleaning the material, the plastic flakes washing tank contributes to a more sustainable recycling process, reducing waste and conserving resources.
  • Economical: Our PET plastic washing machine can improve the quality of materials and reduce waste resulting in cost savings for the recycling industry.
  • Environmental benefits: Friction washers promote environmentally friendly practices by reducing the need for new raw materials and minimizing waste, thus reducing the impact on the environment.

Optional models of friction washing machine

Capacity: 500-1000kg/h; 2000kg

Power: 7.5kw; 15kw

Tank length: 3000mm; 3500mm

Out layer: 4mm

Blade thickness: 6mm

For the friction washer machine, you have the flexibility to choose from a range of optional models to meet your specific requirements. These optional models can be customized to meet the unique needs of your PET recycling process, ensuring you achieve efficient cleaning and high-quality results.

Whether you require a compact and space-saving design or a larger capacity unit, these options allow you to optimize the cleaning process of your PET flakes or other materials by choosing the ideal wash tank for your operation.

Why use friction washer machine in PET bottle recycling?

This plastic friction washer plays a vital role in the cleaning and decontamination of PET bottle flakes, effectively removing impurities, labels and residues. Subjecting PET flakes to friction and high-speed rotation within the machine, it ensures that the cleaned material meets the quality standards required for recycling.

This process not only improves the purity of PET flakes, but also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly recycling process, reducing waste and saving valuable resources. The use of Shuliy friction washing machine is therefore a key step in the PET bottle recycling chain, promoting a circular economy and environmental responsibility.

Working principle of plastic bottle washing machine

Our friction washing machine rotates PET flakes with cleaning water or cleaning solution through an internal rotating cleaning cylinder. During the rotation, the friction between the flakes and the cleaning solution helps to remove surface dirt and impurities. After cleaning, the PET flakes are discharged through a drainage system, dried and packaged so that they can be used in the manufacture of recycled products.

internal structure of friction washing machine
internal structure of friction washing machine

The simple but efficient working principle of this plastic flakes washing machine plays a key role in cleaning PET flakes, improving their quality and recyclability.

Related plastic recycling machines for PET bottles

Plastic bottle shredder: Crush used PET bottles into small particles to provide raw material for subsequent processing steps.

plastic bottle crusher for recycling
plastic bottle crusher for recycling

PET bottle de-labeling machine: Remove labels, tapes and printing from PET bottles in order to prepare PET bottles for washing and recycling.

de-labeling machine
de-labeling machine

Hot washing tank: Use hot water or steam to wash PET bottles at high temperatures during the washing process to remove dirt and residue and improve the quality of the recycled material.

hot washing machine in PET bottle washing line
hot washing machine in PET bottle washing line

These machines play an important role in the PET bottle recycling process, ensuring that PET bottles are effectively washed, crushed and prepared for use in the manufacture of recycled products. If any need, please contact me for more machine details and best offer!