Plastic baler machine is used to compress waste plastic, PET bottles, etc., into dense bales for easy storage and transportation.

As a professional recycling manufacturer, we have vertical and horizontal balers for plastics. Because of its high quality, various models for choice and good machine performance, our plastic PET bottle baling machine has been sold to Indonesia, Thailand, Gabon and other countries.

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Types of plastic balers

vertical plastic baler
Vertical Plastic Baler
plastic baler machine for sale
Plastic Baler Machine For Sale

Vertical plastic baler

This equipment is suitable for small-scale packaging and handling of waste plastics and are particularly suitable where frequent changes of packaging materials are required.

They are usually used in small establishments such as shops, restaurants and supermarkets.

Horizontal plastic baler machine

This kind of baler machine for plastic is suitable for large-scale packaging and processing of waste plastics, especially in large industrial and logistic environments.

They are typically used in large sites such as recycling centres, processing plants, logistics warehouses, etc.

Available models of plastic baler machines for sale

Vertical plastic baler: SL-30, SL-60, SL-80

Horizontal plastic baler machine:SL-120, SL-160, SL-180

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How to choose the right baler for plastic recycling depends on the type of plastic you want to recycle, the bale size, your budget, and so on. If you are interested, you can contact us and we will provide you with the optimal solution for your needs.

What features plastic bottle baler machine?

  • Efficient compression: Shuliy plastic baler machine is able to compress waste plastics efficiently, reducing their size significantly.
  • Adjustable pressure: Most models can adjust the compression force to accommodate different types and densities of plastic materials.
  • Automated operation: Operation is relatively easy and most machines have automated features.
  • Space-saving: Compact baling blocks take up less space, which contributes to more efficient storage.

Why do plastic bottles recycling?

The main reason for baling plastics is to improve efficiency and reduce costs in the management of waste plastics. By baling loose waste plastic packaging materials into strong blocks, it not only reduces storage and transport costs, but also promotes the recycling and reuse of waste plastics, helping to protect the environment and the sustainable use of resources.

Therefore, our plastic baler machine plays an important role in the field of plastics recycling and management and is regarded as an efficient plastics management tool.

How to make plastic bales?

Our baler for plastic usually includes a hopper, compression chamber, compression plate, rope device and hydraulic system. It is also simple to carry out waste plastic packaging.


Before starting to bale waste plastics, some preparatory work needs to be carried out, including cleaning up the work area, checking the condition of the baling machine, and ensuring that all the necessary tools and materials are available.

Loading waste plastics

Load the loose waste plastic materials into the hopper of the baling machine. Ensure that the material is evenly distributed to obtain a uniform baling block.

Compressing Plastic Scrap

Start the plastic baling machine and allow the hydraulic system to begin compressing the waste plastics. Adjust the compression force as needed to ensure compactness of the bales.

Tying plastic blocks

Once the waste plastic has been compressed into blocks, tie the blocks using a rope device or tying machine. Ensure that it is tied securely to prevent it from coming loose.

Discharge and Storage

Remove the baled waste plastic blocks and store them in a suitable place for transport or recycling.

Cleaning and maintenance

After completing the baling job, clean the baling machine and carry out the necessary maintenance to ensure the long-term performance of the machine.

Benefits of using plastic baler machine

  • Cost savings: Our plastic compactor machine can save on operating costs by reducing size, transport and storage costs.
  • Resource recovery: Compact waste plastic bales are easier to transport to recycling centers, facilitating the reuse of waste plastics.
  • Environment: Reducing the size of waste plastics helps to reduce the burden on landfill sites and reduces the environmental impact.

What other materials can be baled?

Our plastic baler machine is typically used for compact baling of waste plastic packaging materials, but it can also be used for other materials such as waste paper, textiles, metal scrap, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and packaging materials. This helps to reduce the volume of waste, lower transport costs, improve recycling efficiency and promote sustainable resource management. Choosing the right baler model and settings is critical for different types of materials.