Hanger production line is designed to manufacture various types of hangers with plastic coatings. This wire hanger production line typically operates at highly efficient speeds, producing up to 30-40 hangers per minute, with excellent automation and customization features.

Our hanger machines are widely sold around the world, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, India, UAE, and other countries, to meet the global market demand for high-quality and diverse hangers.

video of clothes hanger making machine line

Raw material for making clothes hangers

The raw materials used to make coat hangers usually include, but are not limited to, galvanized wires and plastic wires.

  • Wire hangers: Simple and economical, wire hangers are often used for lightweight clothing.
  • Plastic hangers: These come in various shapes and sizes, suitable for a wide range of garments. They are durable and affordable.

Depending on the purpose of the hangers and the market demand, you can choose suitable raw materials to produce a diverse range of hanger products.

Types of clothes hangers that can be made

There are several types of clothes hangers designed to suit different needs. The most common ones include common-type hangers, butterfly hangers, hook hangers, etc. Details are shown below:

shapes of clothes hangers
shapes of clothes hangers

Each type serves a specific purpose and caters to different clothing items and storage preferences.

Strength of wire hanger making machine line

  • 30-45 pcs per minute: Our machine realizes automation and continuous production, and produces a large number of hangers in a short time to meet market demand.
  • Good hanger quality: Through modern production equipment and technology, the hanger production line can ensure the consistent quality of each clothes hanger.
  • Reduce production costs: The high degree of automation reduces the reliance on manual labor, thereby reducing labor costs.
  • Flexibility and customizability: Whether it is hangers of different shapes or special functions, the production line can be adjusted and configured accordingly to meet diverse market needs.

Clothes hanger manufacturing process

The hanger manufacturing process usually begins with galvanized iron wire as the raw material. A series of steps makes the production process from galvanized iron wire to the final coated hanger highly automatic, while guaranteeing the robustness and durability of the hanger.

Step 1:molding

Firstly, the raw material is fed into a hanger machine, where it undergoes a forming process where the wire is bent and shaped to form the basic outline of the hanger.

Step 2: spraying coatings

Next, the hanger enters the powder coating stage, which is designed to enhance the durability and appearance of the hanger. The powder is evenly applied to the surface of the hanger, and then the hanger is sent to the drying room.

Step 3: drying

At high temperatures, the powder cures quickly, creating a strong surface coating that also ensures the shape and quality of the hanger.

Machine used in the PVC-coated hanger production line

wire hanger making machine
Wire Hanger Making Machine

Hanger Forming Machine

Used to bend and shape the raw material (e.g. galvanized iron wire) into the basic shape of a hanger.

powder spraying and collection machine
Powder Spraying And Collection Machine

Powder Coating Machine

Applying a powder coating to the hangers to increase durability and aesthetics.

hanging clothes dryer machine
Hanging Clothes Dryer Machine

Hanging Clothes Dryer Machine

dried to ensure that the powder coating adheres firmly to the surface of the hangers.

How are hangers manufactured by hanger machine?

We have two kinds of hanger machines available for clothes hanger making. You can choose one according to your actual needs.

The wire comes to the molding section of the clothes hanger machine, and through the molds, the wire will be shaped into the expected wire hanger shapes. The finished clothes wire hanger will come out to the stands for collections.

The whole process is very simple and quick, and the manufacturing speed is 30-40 pcs per minute.

Global cases of wire hanger machine production line

Globally, the cases of the fully automatic wire hanger production line cover a wide range of countries and regions. These production lines are successfully exported to countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, UAE, India, Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, Mexico and many more.

The demand for Hanger Machines is increasing in these countries as hangers are indispensable items in daily life and business.

The hanger machine production line plays a key role in meeting the diversified demands of the global market, improving production efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs, providing a reliable solution to the demand for hangers in different countries.