Pillow filling machine is an automated machine for manufacturing and filling pillows. It is used to produce various types of pillows, including bed pillows, sofa pillows, cuddle pillows, etc. It can produce 100-150pcs/h of pillows with the different models.

Because the main function is the filling function, the raw material is flocculent, fluffy material. Thus, this kind of pillow stuffing machine always matches the cotton opening machine for better cotton opening and filling.

working video of cotton pillow filling machine

What pillows can be filled by the pillow stuffing machine?

Our pillow filling machine can be used to fill a wide range of different types of materials including cotton wool, pearl cotton and other types of cotton, down and fluff, polyester fibres, memory foam, foam particles and more. This makes them very flexible and allows for the production of pillows with different characteristics.

pillow filling machine appliactions
pillow filling machine appliactions

The pillow making machine can manufacture various types of pillows, including plush toys, sofa cushions, general bed pillows, cervical pillows, cuddle pillows, sofa pillows, throw pillows and so on, which can be customized according to the market demand. Generally, it applies to plush toys, home textiles, furniture and clothing industries.

Technical data of pillow filling machine for sale

Air pressure(Mpa)0.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.8
pillow filling machine parameters
pillow stuffing machine for sale
pillow stuffing machine for sale

The technical data for the pillow stuffing machine for sale include specifications such as filling capacity, power requirements, and dimensions, which are essential for potential buyers to assess its suitability for their production needs. Additionally, detailed information about its features, brand, and condition should be provided to facilitate informed purchasing decisions.

Advantages of fiber pillow filling machine

  • Efficient production: Fibre pillow filling machines are highly automated and can fill pillows quickly and evenly, increasing productivity and reducing labour costs.
  • Precise control: With advanced control systems, you can have precise control of the quantity and density of the fill to ensure consistent quality and comfort from one pillow to the next.
  • Diverse materials: The machine is suitable for a wide range of filling materials such as down, polyester, memory foam, etc., enabling manufacturers to produce pillows with a wide range of different characteristics to meet market demand.
  • Lightweight, compact design, low cost, high-quality machine material and excellent quality.

Why always use the cotton opener first?

The reason why cotton opener is usually used first is that they help to loosen, disperse, clean and card the raw cotton fibres, making them easier to use in subsequent spinning and weaving processes.

How does the automatic pillow filling machine work?

machine for stuffing pillows
machine for stuffing pillows

Shuliy pillow sucking machine works by injecting fibre fillings (e.g. cotton, polyester, memory foam, etc.) into a pillowcase or pillowcase to create a soft, comfortable pillow. Typically, a cotton filling machine has a reservoir that supplies fibres, which are transported to the filling area by a conveyor system, and then evenly filled into the pillowcase by pneumatic or mechanical means.

Tips for choosing reliable pillow filling machine manufacturers

Research market reputation: Search and compare the reputations of different manufacturers. Read online reviews, customer feedback and talk to other customers about their product quality and customer service.

Check certifications and qualifications: Make sure the manufacturer has relevant certifications and qualifications such as ISO certification, CE certification, etc. These certifications can prove that their products meet international standards.

Product quality: Double-check the quality of the manufacturer’s products. Ask for samples or visit their production facilities to ensure that the quality and workmanship of their equipment meets the requirements.

Customer support and after-sales service: Find out about the manufacturer’s customer support and after-sales service policies. Provide training, technical support and spare parts supply? These factors are very important in a long-term co-operation.

Price and performance comparison: Focus not only on price, but also compare the performance and features of different manufacturers. Choose the machine that suits your needs, not just the price.

The above is just a partial list, along with technical support, warranty policy, delivery time, etc., which can help you choose a reliable pillow filling machine manufacturer such as Shuliy Machinery, thus ensuring that your investment is wise and can meet your production needs.

Inquiry fiber pillow filling machine price!

automatic pillow filling machine
automatic pillow filling machine

Do you have an interest in buying a Pillow Filling Machine and want to know its price? You can send this inquiry to Shuliy( the pillow making machine manufacturer and supplier) to get a quote and relevant information about the pillow-stuffing machine.