Breaking news! We sold a 80T cardboard waste baler to Indonesia for waste recycling. Against the backdrop of increasing attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, a waste paper recycling company in Indonesia has made an important decision to buy an 80-tonne cardboard baler. And he chose Shuliy as the baler supplier for his recycling station.

Advantages of Shuliy cardboard waste baler to attract Indonesian client

  1. Increased productivity: The Indonesian customer chose the 80-tonne baler for cardboard because it would significantly increase their productivity. At the heart of the waste paper recycling industry is the ability to quickly and efficiently bale large quantities of waste paper, and the 80-tonne capacity makes this much easier to achieve.
  2. Adapting to large-scale operations: This customer needed to process large quantities of waste paper, so the 80-tonne baler was ideal for them. The machine was able to handle large quantities of waste paper with ease, helping them to cope with peak times and increased orders.
  3. Optimise storage and transportation: Waste paper takes up a lot of space before it is baled, but the 80-tonne waste paper baler compactly bales them into sturdy parcels, saving storage space and reducing transportation costs. This meets the cost-effective objectives of the business.

Machine list for Indonesia

Vertical baler machineModel: 80T
Feed opening size(L*H): 1500*800mm
Packaging size(L*W*H): 1100*800*300-2000mm
Bale density: 400Kg/m3
Capability: 4-7T/hour
Power: 30-45KW
1 pc
machine list for Indonesia

Looking forward to your order from Indonesia!

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