Hanger machine is an automated machine used to make hangers, and its main functions include bending and shaping clothes hangers. The output of the hanger making machine ranges from 30-45 hangers per minute.

Our clothes hanger machines are highly efficient, have good performance and long service life. Besides, these machines are widely exported to many countries in the world, especially in the field of textile and garment industry, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, India, UAE, Algeria and so on.

video of hanger machine for galvanized wire and PVC-coated hangers

Highlights of clothes hanger machine

plastic hanger making machine
plastic hanger making machine
  1. Capacity of 35-40 hangers per minute: The machine has high production speeds and is able to produce large quantities of hangers quickly, increasing productivity.
  2. Customizable to hanger shape, size, color, etc.: We can customize the machine according to different needs, including the shape, size and colour of the hangers.
  3. Automated production: Our clothes hanger making machine is able to automate the hanger manufacturing process, reducing manual operations and labor costs.

Kinds of hanger machines for sale

As a professional hanger machine manufacturer and supplier, we have two kinds of hanger making machines available. Each machine has its unique advantages for the hanger industry. Raw materials for hanger making are galvanized wires and plastic wires. And you can choose the below cloth hanger machine to fit your demands.

Type 1: wire hanger making machine for sale

This kind of wire hanger machine uses galvanized wires as raw materials to manufacture the different types of wire hangers. One thing to attention is that this hanger making machine only uses galvanized wires as raw materials to produce the clothes hangers.

clothes hanger machine
clothes hanger machine

If you want to make plastic-coated hangers, you need to use other equipment, such as spraying machine, powder collection machine and hanging clothes dryer machine, namely clothes hanger production line. In addition, we can collocate the machine to suit your hanger production.

Type 2: coat hanger machine

clothes hanger making machine for sale
clothes hanger making machine for sale

This type of plastic hanger making machine can use galvanized wires or plastic-coated wires to produce the corresponding clothes hangers. This hanger forming machine adopts the PLC and automatically controls the hanger production and manufacturing speed. If you want one machine to produce both galvanized wire hangers and plastic-coated hangers, this kind of hanger making machine is your best choice.

Do you know the hanger manufacturing process?

Actually, our automatic hanger making machine can be customized to suit different hanger types and manufacturing requirements, and the process of producing hangers is very simple.

shapes of clothes hangers
shapes of clothes hangers

Material preparation

Firstly, suitable raw materials need to be prepared, usually metal wires or plastic materials, depending on the type of hanger required.

Bending and shaping

The wire hanger making machine automatically bends, cuts and shapes the metal wire or plastic material to form the skeleton structure of the hanger.

Quality control

Finally, manual quality control ensures that the hangers meet quality standards.

Successful cases of hanger making machine

Hanger hook making machines have been successfully used in the lifestyle industry. We are often approached by large-scale garment factories or by people who want to start a new business in hanger production.

As a result, our hanger machines are often exported to various places such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kosovo, Algeria, Jordan, Mexico and many more. If you are interested, contact us!

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