Egg tray machine is to make egg trays from paper pulp made by waste paper, cardboard, magazines, etc, with a capacity of 1000-7000pcs/h. This machine helps you make a profit from waste.

Our egg tray making machine can not only manufacture traditional 6 or 12 egg packs, but can also produce paper trays in a variety of different sizes and shapes to meet different market demands.

Egg tray machines have an important role to play in the field of sustainable packaging and eco-friendly packaging, helping to reduce waste and the use of plastic packaging and promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging solutions.

Video of pulp egg tray machine

1000-1500pcs/h egg tray machine working video

small paper tray machine working video

2500-3000pcs/h paper egg tray machine working video

medium paper tray machine working video

4000-6000pcs/h paper pulp molding machine working video

large scale paper tray molding machine working video

Available egg tray machine for sale

As a professional manufacturer and producer of recycling equipment, we are divided into small, medium and large according to the number of moulded pieces per hour, please see my detailed introduction below

Hot selling small egg tray making machine: 1000-1500pcs/h

  • Number of moulding pieces: Usually the number of moulding pieces is small, such as 1000pcs/h, 1500pcs/h.
  • Production capacity: Small machines are suitable for start-up or small-scale production with low production capacity.
  • Power requirement: Minimal power requirement, suitable for small-scale production places.
  • Uses: Small egg tray machine is suitable for small scale egg packaging such as family farms, small farmers and small businesses.
ModelCapacityPowerVoltageWeightPaper consumptionWater consumptionSize(molding machine)Drying method
SL-3*11000pcs/h38kw380V,50HZ2500kg80kg/h160kg/h2600*2200*1900mmDry naturally or use a dryer
SL-4*11500pcs/h38kw380V,50HZ3000kg120kg/h240kg/h2800*2200*1900mmDry naturally or use a dryer
small egg tray manufacturing machine parameters

When you want a start-up business in this industry, this type of paper tray machine is the best choice for you.

Medium-sized paper pulp molding machine: 2000-3000pcs/h

  • Number of pieces: Usually the number of pieces is between large and small, e.g. 2000-2500pcs/h, 2500-3000pcs/h.
  • Production capacity: Medium-sized machines have a moderate production capacity and are suitable for medium-sized production needs.
  • Power requirement: Lower power requirement compared to larger machines.
  • Uses: Medium-sized egg tray machine is suitable for medium-sized egg packaging production, suitable for farms and small packaging businesses.
ModelCapacityPowerVoltageWeightPaper consumptionWater consumptionSize(molding machine)Drying method
SL-3*42500pcs/h55kw380V,50HZ4000kg200kg/h400kg/h2900*1800*1800mmBrick kiln drying or multi-layer dryer
SL-4*43000pcs/h60kw380V,50HZ4800kg240kg/h480kg/h3250*1800*1800mmBrick kiln drying or multi-layer dryer
medium-sized egg tray making machine parameters

This type is suitable for medium-scaled egg tray manufacturing plant.

Large-scaled egg tray machine: 4000-6000pcs/h

  • Number of pieces moulded: Usually multiple egg trays can be moulded at once, e.g. 4000-5000pcs/g, 5000-6000pcs/h.
  • Production capacity: The production capacity of large machines is usually in excess of several thousand egg trays per hour.
  • Power Requirements: Due to the high production capacity, a large power supply is usually required.
  • Uses: Large egg tray machines are suitable for large-scale egg packing production and are usually used in large farms or packing houses.
ModelCapacityPowerVoltageWeightPaper consumptionWater consumptionSize(molding machine)Drying method
SL-4*84000pcs/h95kw380V,50HZ7000kg320kg/h640kg/h3250*2300*2500mmBrick kiln drying or multi-layer dryer
SL-5*85000pcs/h95kw380V,50HZ8000kg400kg/h800kg/h3700*2300*2500mmBrick kiln drying or multi-layer dryer
SL-6*86000-7000pcs/h120kw380V,50HZ10000kg/h480kg/h960kg/h3200*2300*2500mmBrick kiln drying or multi-layer dryer
large egg tray machine specifications

If you have strong financial support and want to start large-scale production and make a quick profit, this large model is your best choice.

How to make quality egg trays?


Pulping is the first step in egg tray manufacturing and involves mixing waste paper or pulp with water to form a pulp stock. At this stage, the waste paper is crushed and mixed, and the pulp stock from the pulp cell is then fed into the subsequent forming stage.


In the forming stage, the pulp stock is drawn into the egg tray machine and then injected into moulds to be formed into the desired egg tray shape and size. Egg tray machines usually have multiple moulds to produce different types and sizes of egg trays.


The moulded egg trays need to be dried to remove excess water and to ensure that the trays reach the required moisture content. Drying can be done using different methods such as solar drying, natural ventilation drying or hot air drying, depending on the scale of production and available resources.


Finally, the dried egg trays are sent to the packaging area, where they are usually bundled or stacked into trays or bags. Packaging can be customised to include printing and branding.

Final products of paper egg tray machine

  • Egg trays: The most common type of egg tray used for packaging eggs, usually with a capacity of 6 or 12 or 30 eggs.
  • Quail egg trays: Compact paper trays for packing quail eggs, accommodating eggs from small birds.
  • Fruit trays: Used for packaging fruits such as apples, oranges and pears, providing support and protection.
  • Cutlery trays: Used for cutlery and dinner plates, providing convenient restaurant service.
  • Electronics liner packs: Used for liner such as those for TVs, computers and home appliances.
  • Flower pot trays: For holding plants and flowers, providing stability and horizontal support.
  • Insole trays: Packages of footwear products, protecting the shape and quality of the insoles.
  • Vegetable trays: Packaging of vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots, providing ventilation and protection.
  • Duck egg trays: Specially designed for packaging duck eggs, accommodating the size and shape of the eggs.

In addition to this, we can also customize your finished product to suit your needs, including size, shape and printing. The flexibility of the automatic egg tray machine makes it an essential part of sustainable packaging solutions for a wide range of industries and product types.

Molds for egg tray machine for sale

Egg tray machine in egg tray production line

Shuliy paper pulp molding machine is one of the core equipment in paper tray production line, which plays a key role in making egg trays. Specifically, the role of egg tray machine includes the following aspects:

Pulp Forming

Moisture Removal

Egg tray forming

Discharge and Conveyance

The performance and stability of the egg tray machine is crucial for the operation of the entire egg tray processing line, and its precise operation ensures the quality and productivity of the egg trays. Egg tray machines therefore play a vital role in the production of sustainable packaging and environmentally friendly packaging, helping to reduce waste and the use of plastic packaging.

Types of egg tray drying

Egg tray drying is an important step in the egg tray manufacturing process and is used to remove moisture from the pulp to bring the egg tray to the desired moisture level. Below are three common ways to dry egg trays and their benefits:

The 1st way: natural drying

  • Low cost: Natural drying requires no additional energy and therefore has low operating costs.
  • Environmentally friendly: Produce no emissions and is environmentally friendly.
  • Simple and feasible: Suitable for areas with limited resources, no expensive equipment required.
  • Wide applicability: Effective in warm, dry climates.

The 2nd method: brick lin drying

  • Uniform drying: Brick kilns provide uniform temperature and humidity, which helps to maintain the quality of the egg tray.
  • Space saving: This method is usually vertical in construction, saving floor space.
  • Highly controllable: The temperature and humidity of the brick kiln can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different products.
  • Suitable for mass production: Suitable for high-volume egg tray manufacturing.

The 3rd method: metal dryer machine

  • Efficient and fast: Metal drying is usually fast and heats up quickly, contributing to increased productivity.
  • Precise control: Precise temperature and humidity control for a wide range of products.
  • Adaptable to a wide range of products: it can be used to dry other paper products in addition to egg trays.

Each drying method has its own unique advantages and the choice of the most suitable method usually depends on the scale of production, available resources and product requirements.

Natural drying is suitable for small-scale and limited resources, brick kiln drying is suitable for large-scale production where uniform drying is required, and metal drying is suitable where efficient and fast drying is required. You can choose the most suitable drying method for your needs.

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