Metal shredder machine, also double shaft shredder, is mechanical equipment used to shred various metal materials into small pieces for recycling, such as metal scrap, waste iron.

Our metal scrap shredder is world-famous for its powerful shredding function, wide range of applications and excellent performance.

No matter what kind of material you are going to shred for recycling, our twin-shaft shredder can help you achieve success in your recycling business.

video on double shaft shredder for scrap metal recycling

Design of metal shredder machine blades

The excellence of our industrial metal shredder lies in the careful design of its blades.

These blades are usually made of high-strength alloy steel that has been specially treated to give them extreme cutting and abrasion resistance.

The blades are uniquely designed to efficiently rip and cut through a wide range of tough materials, including metals, plastics and wood.

Also, their structure and arrangement are carefully optimized to ensure an efficient shredding process.

This not only increases productivity, but also reduces energy consumption and extends blade life.

As a result, the metal shredder blade design is a core element of its successful operation and superior performance, making it an essential tool in the waste treatment and resource recovery sectors.

Product features of industrial metal shredder

  • Multiple models: Our metal shredder machine is available in a number of different models and sizes for different sizes and types of jobs, ranging from small office equipment to large industrial-grade machines.
  • Efficient shredding: The scrap metal shredder efficiently shreds metal materials into small, uniform pieces, increasing the efficiency of metal recovery and recycling.
  • A wide range of metal materials: Suitable for a wide range of metal materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc.
  • Volume reduction: Shredding significantly reduces the volume of scrap metal, reducing storage and transport costs.
  • Durability: These metal shredders are usually manufactured using high-quality materials to provide excellent durability and adaptability to a variety of working conditions.
  • Resource recycling: By shredding scrap metal into a form that can be easily recycled, the metal scrap shredder helps to recycle resources, reducing waste and resource wastage.
  • Environmentally friendly: By increasing the recycling rate of metal, our metal shredder machine helps to reduce the burden on the environment and reduce the need for new metal mining.

Available metal shredder machine for sale

ModelBlade plate materialDia. of blade plate(mm)Thinkcness(mm)No. of blades(pcs)No. of blade plates(pcs)Dimension(l*w*h)(m)Weight(t)Power(kw)
SL-6009CrSi2452015253.5*1.5 * 1.9*315*2
SL-8009CrSi alloy steel30040-5018403.8 * 1.5 * 1.9418.5*2
SL-10009CrSi4003018334.3 * 1.6* 1.8630*2
SL-12009CrSi4003015404.5 *  1.6* 1.8737*2
SL-16009CrSi4504015405.2 *1.8 * 1.91245*2
SL-18009CrSi5005015365.5* 1.9* 2.11655*2
SL-20009CrSi5501001520 5.7 * 2* 2.12275*2
scrap metal shredder parameters

Our scrap metal crusher machine is available in a diverse range of models, with the hot-selling 600 and 800 models being popular due to their suitability for a wide range of application scenarios, from small-scale scrap processing to large-scale industrial projects.

Even more satisfying, our metal shredder machine also offers customization options that can provide a personalized solution based on your specific needs, such as processing capacity, material type and machine size. If interested, come and contact us for more shredder details!

Materials that can be shredded

Our metal scrap shredder can be used to shred a variety of metal materials, including but not limited to metal scraps and scrap metal parts, scrap automotive parts, electronic scrap, such as old computers and wires, waste appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, construction and demolition scrap such as rebar and structural components, aluminum cans and copper pipes and others.

In addition to the above, Shuliy metal shredder machine also can process a wide range of other materials including plastics, wood, rubber, paper, textiles, electronic waste, wires and cables, plastic pipes, construction and demolition waste, plastic bottles and containers, parts of electronic equipment, food waste, agricultural waste, hazardous waste, medical waste, and many others. Its powerful shredding function makes it an ideal choice for waste disposal, resource recycling and environmental protection fields

What are the metal shredder machine components?

S/NMachine partFunction
1Speed reducerIt is the power transmission component of the machine, which reduces the speed of the motor to provide enough force to push the blades or rollers for shredding.
2MotorThe motor powers the machine and its power and efficiency are related to the performance of the shredder.
3InletIntroduce the material to be processed into the machine
4OutletRelease the shredded material
5FrameProvide firm support for the machine, ensuring safety and stability during operation
metal shredder machine parts list

These structural components work in tandem to enable the portable metal shredder to perform the task of shredding material efficiently and safely.

Do you know heavy duty metal shredder machine price?

Our scrap metal shredder price is affected by many factors, such as model, specification, brand, geographic location and market trends.

To obtain pricing information on metal scrap shredder, you can directly contact us for detailed information. Our professional sales manager will provide the best offer to fit your needs.

If you require specific needs like plug, voltage, we can also customize the machine details for you.

Trusty metal shredder manufacturers

Shuliy Machinery is one of the trusted manufacturers of metal shredder machine. As a leading supplier of machinery and equipment, we specialize in providing high-quality shredders with superior performance, durability and reliability.

Shuliy Machinery has accumulated extensive experience in the field of metal scrap processing and resource recycling, providing tailor-made solutions to our customers.

metal shredder machine manufacturer
metal shredder machine manufacturer

Whether you are looking for a shredder suitable for scrap metal recycling, building demolition, or other metal processing needs, Shuliy Machinery is a trusted choice. Our commitment is to provide our customers with high-quality products and exceptional service for a variety of applications.

Related Shuliy metal recycling machines for sale

Apart from the metal shredder machine, we also offer a wide range of metal recycling machines, including metal baler and metal shear. These machines are designed to provide efficient solutions for metal scrap disposal and resource recycling.

Are you looking for equipment for scrap metal recycling? If yes, contact us and tell us your requirements(like capacity, budget, etc.), we’ll provide the best solution for you!