Cardboard shredder machine is used to turn clean corrugated cardboard boxes into “free” soft, fluffy, green packaging filler material for the transport of fragile items, with two shapes: netted or bar.

Raw materials can be irregular waste cardboard, unqualified cartons, colour boxes, cartons, with or without printing and others. We have SL-325 and SL-425 for sale, you can achieve the final product shape by replacing the molds.

This machine is a new product that combines economy, affordability and environmental protection. Thus, it’s so popular worldwide, such as in UAE, Korea, the USA, Canada, the Philippines, Lebanon, Malaysia, USA, Peru, Mexico, Sweden, etc. Want to process corrugated boxes into valuable products? Welcome to contact us for more machine details and prices!

working video of cardboard shredder machine

Advantages of industrial cardboard shredder machine

customized plugs for different countries
customized plugs for different countries
  • Accurate Cutting: Using this cardboard box shredder, you can accurately produce netted or bar-shaped filler material.
  • Customizable: We offer customized service to meet your specific needs, including cutting shape, plugs, size and capacity.
  • Waste Utilization: It can deal with waste cartons, corrugated boxes, colour boxes, cartons, with or without printing, and can solve the thorny problem of business managers.
  • Environmental protection: Paper products, recycling, no source of pollution.

Models of cardboard shredder machine for sale

As a professional machine manufacturer and supplier, we have available two models of cardboard box shredders for sale. These can meet industrial and home uses. The machine data is shown below:

Cutting width(mm)325425
Input thickness(mm)2020
Shredding speed(m/min)1212
Shredding shape5×60mm (or 5mm bar)5×100mm(or 5mm bar or 3mm bar)
Machine weight(kg)116200
Machine size (L*W*H) after package(mm)670*490*1030630*830*1260
cardboard shredder parameters

In addition to this, we offer customized services for our cardboard shredder, such as plug customization. If you need it, please contact us quickly!

Final products and applications of cardboard shredder machine

Finished products of corrugated boxes

Netted-shaped and bar-shaped corrugated filler.

What materials use final products as filler or cushioning material?

applications of cardboard shredder machine
applications of cardboard shredder machine

Applied to the end customers of corrugated boxes (colour boxes), manufacturing industry, as filler or cushioning material inside the packages; such as precision instruments, meters, electrical appliances, ceramics, glass, handicrafts, furniture and many other industries.

Working principle of home cardboard shredder

Our cardboard shredder machine works by physically or mechanically cutting the expanded material into the desired shape and size. It usually uses the following steps:


Firstly, the expanded material (e.g. Styrofoam, corrugated box, etc.) is placed into the feed system of the expander, usually a feed platform.


Once the raw material enters the machine, it passes through the cutting tools, mainly moulds. Running at high speed, it cuts the material into the desired shape and size.


The cut corrugated material is discharged through the discharge system and collected for use as filler material.

Our cardboard shredder machine works simply and efficiently to cut expanding materials into different shapes and sizes as designed for a variety of applications such as packaging fillers, protective materials, and craft production.

Precautions for corrugated cardboard shredder

  • Do not wear gloves when working.
  • Do not put your hand into the paper feeder when working.
  • Do not approach the machine with long hair, sash, tie, scarf, etc.
  • Sticky or thread-like materials should not be processed on the machine.
  • Don’t let hard objects such as packing nails into the feeding opening, so as not to damage the blade.

Why invest in commercial cardboard shredder machine?

It’s actually quite simple because it’s a high return. Do a simple calculation: the realized tonnage price of waste paper products is only about 1,600 yuan, and the value after processing will be more than three times that, making it very profitable.

Global cases of cardboard shredder

This kind of cardboard shredder machine is exported to many countries including UAE, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France, Philippines, South Korea and many more. This reflects its wide application and popularity across the globe to meet the needs of various industries and markets. By using cardboard shredders, these countries are able to efficiently process and recycle cardboard to promote sustainability and resource conservation.

Other equipment for processing cardboard boxes

In addition to cardboard shredder machine, we also have hydraulic baler machine and cardboard crusher to process waste cardboard. The details are as follows:

Inquiry about cardboard shredder price!

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