Clothes baler machine, also known as textile baler, is equipment designed to efficiently bale waste clothing and fibre materials. It does this by compressing and bundling waste clothing, such as old clothes, bedding and textile waste, to reduce bulk and facilitate transport and disposal.

This type of vertical baler not only improves efficiency, but also helps to reduce environmental impact and make the recycling of waste clothing more convenient and feasible.

This type of clothing baler plays an important role in the waste recycling, textile industry and environmental protection sectors, helping to reduce the volume of waste and increase the rate of resource recovery, while providing a cost-effective method of disposal.

video of clothes baler machine for clothing, PET bottles

Advantages of baler machine for clothes

  • Space saving: The machine compresses waste clothes into compact blocks, greatly reducing storage space. This is especially important for companies or recycling organizations that need to store and transport a large amount of clothes.
  • Simple design & operation: Just put the clothes into the machine, press the start button, and the machine will automatically complete the compression and packaging process.
  • Wide range of applications: In addition to clothing, the vertical baler can also be used for compressing and baling other soft materials, such as paper, plastic bags, textiles, etc., with a wide range of applications.
  • Simple structure and easy maintenance. Regular maintenance and inspection can ensure long-term stable operation of the machine and reduce the failure rate.

How to choose the suitable clothes baler machine model?

Models of clothing baler for sale

The first step is to determine the model and size of textile baler you need, which will depend on the amount of waste you are handling and the size of your production. Different baler models have different handling capacities and productivity, so it’s vital to choose the model that matches your needs. Our clothes baler machine models are listed below:

Hydraulic power(T)406080100
Baled size(L*W*H)(mm)720*720*300-1600850*750*300-20001100*800*300-21001000*1000*300-2100
Feed opening size(L*H)(mm)1000*7201200*7501500*8001800*1000
popular vertical baler machine for clothes parameters

Machine quality and durability

Ensure that the clothes baler machine you buy has good quality and durability to ensure long-term stable operation and reduce maintenance and downtime. Just like the textile baler for sale we offer.

Energy efficiency used when performing clothing baling

Since recycling is what we do when we use a clothes baler machine, it is important to consider the energy consumption of the machine when choosing a baler in order to meet environmental requirements and reduce operating costs.

Price and budget

Balers can vary in price with model, features and performance, so you need to balance performance and cost. Choose the baler that’s right for you based on budget limits.

Consider all aspects when choosing a machine, and then select the waste clothes baler machine that suits your needs and budget.

Why do bales of clothes?

The use of vertical baler machine for used clothing and fibre waste brings multiple advantages.

used clothing bales
used clothing bales

Firstly, it saves valuable storage and transport space, reduces transport costs, reduces environmental burdens and promotes sustainable waste management.

Secondly, it improves the efficiency of waste disposal, reducing labour costs and handling time, while reducing the risk of waste scattering and damage, helping to maintain a tidy and safe workplace.

Most importantly, through effective baling, waste fibres can be more easily reused, promoting resource recovery and reuse and helping to reduce raw material costs, making balers play an important role in the field of waste disposal.

Applicable waste to be baled by clothes baler machine

applicable waste to be baled by clothes baler machine
applicable waste to be baled by clothes baler machine

In addition to waste clothes, taxtile waste, it can also be baled for wool, plastics, aluminum cans, PET bottles, paper, cardboard boxes and more.

Another baler machine for clothes

horizontal textile baler
horizontal textile baler

Different from the vertical baling machine, this type is horizontal textile baler. This kind of clothes baler machine feeds used clothing, textile wastes via a conveyor belt, and then internal pressure is used to tightly compress it into a strong parcel, which is ultimately packaged by a sealing device. Typically used for large-scale waste processing, these balers efficiently compress and package waste materials, helping to save space and reduce transport costs.

Related equipment for textile waste recycling

When recycling used clothing or textile waste, as a professional manufacturer and supplier of recycling equipment, we not only have clothes baler machine, but also fibre shredder, opener, fiber carding machine, pillow filling machine and other equipment. No matter what kind of fibre waste processing you want to carry out, we can meet you.

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