Plastic granulator machine is used to reprocess crushed waste PP PE into plastic granules for resale or other plastic products.

Its main function is to mould crushed waste plastics into granular plastic pellets through the extruding mechanism after being heated and melted, then cool and cut into expected plastic pellets lengths. This plastic pelletizer has a capacity of 3t-7t per day.

Also, this kind of PP PE granulating machine has the advantage of good performance, high quality and good cost-effectiveness. If you want plastic recycling, contact us at any time for more machine details!

What materials are suitable for making plastic granules?

The plastic recycling granulator is suitable for a wide range of plastic materials, including but not limited to PP, PE(LDPE, HDPE), films, containers, hard plastics, plastic pots, foot pots, transparent lunch boxes, plastic tables and chairs, beverage bottles, woven bags, rubbish bags, mulch, pearl cotton and so on, as well as EPS foam materials, EPE and so on.

Advantages of granulator for plastic recycling

  • Resource reuse: Our plastic granulator machine can convert waste plastics into granular materials, realizing the reuse of plastic resources and helping to reduce the demand for new plastics.
  • Environmental protection and emission reduction: Through the recycling of waste plastics into granules, this can effectively reduce the pollution of plastic waste on the environment, and reduce the burden of plastic production on the environment.
  • Economic benefits: Plastic recycling granulation can reduce the production cost of new plastics, but also create new economic value and improve the utilization rate of waste plastics.
  • Sustainable development: The application of plastic granules extruder machine is in line with the concept of sustainable development, through the recycling of plastic resources, helps to build a green society.
  • Efficient production: Advanced plastic granulation equipment can efficiently process waste plastics, improve production efficiency, and adapt to large-scale, industrialized plastic recycling needs.
  • Product quality: Granulators for plastics can produce granular materials with consistent size and quality to meet the production needs of different fields.

Optional models of plastic recycling granulator

Model: SL-125

Capacity: 3t per day

Screw dia.: 125mm

Main motor: 22+1.5kw

Model: SL-150

Capacity: 5t per day

Screw dia.: 150mm

Main motor: 30+1.5kw

Model: SL-180

Capacity: 7t per day

Screw dia.: 180mm

Main motor: 45kw

When choosing a plastic granulator, there are usually two options: the main machine and the auxiliary machine. Choose the right combination according to your needs.

You can tell us your production requirements, budget, etc., and we will recommend a suitable granulator for you.

Structure of plastic granulator machine for sale

Our industrial plastic granules machine consists of feeding system, heating & melting system, extrusion system, cooling system, cutting system, motor and reducer.

This plastic granulating equipment is the main component in PP PE recycling line. We can collocate different configuration machines to handle different materials. If you’re interested, tell us your raw materials and we’ll provide the most suitable solution.

Do you know the plastic granules manufacturing process?


The feed system of the industrial plastic granulator machine is the starting point of the entire production process. Through this system, waste plastics are introduced into the machine, ready for subsequent processing.

Heating and melting

Waste plastics entering the heating and melting system are heated to a plastic state. The key function of this system is to melt the plastic material in preparation for subsequent extrusion and pelletization.


Heated and melted plastic enters the extrusion system, where the molten plastic material is extruded through the die by means of an extrusion mechanism to form a continuous pellet.


The extruded plastic pellets are cooled down by a cooling system to ensure that the pellets retain their shape and quality. The cooling system uses a suitable cooling method, usually involving water circulation or other cooling media.


Cooled plastic granules are passed through a cutting system for final shaping into the desired pellet shape and size. This step is the final stage of the entire production process.

These steps work together to form a tightly integrated production line, ensuring an efficient, automated conversion process from waste plastic to final pellets. The synergistic operation of each system enables the plastic scrap granulator to perform the task of producing plastic pellets in a stable and reliable manner.

Working principle of waste plastic granulator machine

The working principle of the mini plastic granulator machine is mainly to complete the plastic granulation by heating melting, cooling and cutting. It mainly relies on the heating device and screw extrusion to discharge the material.

Produced plastic granules according to your needs to complete the cutting for reprocessing or selling, so as to complete the recycling of waste PP PE materials.

plastic granulator machine for sale
plastic granulator machine for sale

Shuliy Machinery: trusted plastic pelletizer machine manufacturer

Shuliy Machinery is a trusted manufacturer of plastic granulator machines. As a leading brand in the field, Shuliy Machinery enjoys an excellent reputation for its superior quality and service.

Our PP PE granule extruder is not only engineered for performance and reliability, but also meets international quality standards to provide customers with efficient and sustainable plastic recycling solutions.

plastic granulator manufacturer
plastic granulator manufacturer

The brand strength is reflected in our strict quality control and deep understanding of our customers’ needs. Shuliy Machinery’s waste plastic granulator machine has achieved a wide range of success stories worldwide and has been well received by our customers.

Our professional and efficient service team is dedicated to providing customers with a full range of pre-sales consultation, in-sales support and after-sales service to ensure a satisfactory experience throughout the purchase and use process.

By choosing Shuliy Machinery, you will get reliable products, high-quality service and confidence in long-term cooperation. We provide our customers with more advanced and reliable plastic recycling granulator machines and jointly promote the development of the plastic recycling industry!

How to get the best plastic granulator machine price?

To get the best plastic granulator price, you need to carefully study the products and offers of different manufacturers in the market. Compare the models, specifications and performance of the plastic film granulator offered by different suppliers to understand their quality and productivity.

You can also contact plastic granulator suppliers directly, such as Shuliy Machinery, we can provide you with information about product price, after-sales service, delivery terms and so on.

In addition, we will help you evaluate the reasonableness of the price more accurately to ensure that you get the most affordable plastic pelletizing machine.

plastic granulator machine price
plastic granulator machine price

Start a plastic granules recycling plant for PP PE

To start a PP PE plastic pellet production plant, you need to configure a complete set of production line, including key equipment such as PP PE crusher, dryer, plastic granulator machine, plastic pellets cutter and so on.

Different raw materials are configured with different suitable equipment for plastics recycling. This set of plastic recycling line can efficiently and sustainably convert waste PP PE plastics into high-quality pellets, contributing to the plastic recycling industry.

Why always use two plastic film granulators in the plastic recycling line?

Improve production efficiency: The secondary machine can help to increase the productivity of pelletizing. For example, it can be used for pre-treating raw materials, mixing materials, conveying granules and so on, so as to reduce the downtime of the main machine and improve production efficiency.

Increase production capacity: If the production capacity of the main machine can not meet the demand, the second machine can help increase production capacity. The sub-machine can run at the same time as the main machine, or continue production when the main machine is down, thus increasing the total production.

Global cases of small plastic granulator machines

Our plastic granules making machines have achieved a wide range of successful cases around the world, covering a variety of countries such as Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kenya, Oman, Mozambique, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Germany and so on. These cases demonstrate that our products have achieved excellent performance and reliability in different countries and regions, making positive contributions to the local plastic recycling industry.

Our plastic granules extruder machine is highly appreciated by our global customers for its high efficiency, environmental protection and multi-functionality, and provides reliable solutions for the resourceful utilization of waste plastics around the world.

Contact us for plastic granulators!

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in plastic granulator machine or have any questions. We offer a wide range of models and configurations of plastic granulators to meet different needs. Our professional team will provide you with detailed product information, customization suggestions and real-time quotes.

By contacting us, you will receive a professional and efficient plastic pelletizing solution that will help your plastic recycling business achieve greater success!