A customer in the Czech Republic was interested in copper wires from waste cables and decided to separate the valuable copper material by autonomously processing the waste cables. To achieve this goal, he chose a copper wire recycling machine from Shuliy Machinery in the hope of efficiently extracting the copper wire from the cables.

Attractive performance of Shuliy copper wire recycling machine

Our copper cable wire recycling machine performs copper wire separation intelligently and efficiently. With its smart and efficient performance, this machine successfully disintegrates waste cables and separates copper wires from other materials. Its highly automated operation enables the customer to carry out copper wire separation work easily.

What values are created by our copper wire granulator machine?

With the Shuliy machine, the customer successfully transforms waste cables into valuable copper wires, creating new economic value. This process not only makes the best use of resources, but also brings unexpected financial rewards to the customer by making waste valuable.

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