EPS foam crusher is also known as a foam shredder, is a mechanical device specifically designed to crush foam (EPS, XPS, EPP, EPE, PU, etc.) into small particles or fragments. These small particles are often used for recycled materials or other applications via a series of processes, like plastic granulator machine.

Applications of EPS foam crusher machine

The scope of application of the foam shredder includes the crushing of materials such as EPS, XPS, EPP, EPE, PU, etc. It is widely used in the waste foam edges and corners, packaging foam, disposable lunch boxes, polyurethane insulation boards, extruded plastic boards, disappearing moulds and rock wool boards, foam boxes, heat insulation boards, KT boards, heat generating materials and so on.

Why use EPS foam shredder for foam recycling?

  • Waste reduction: EPS foam shredder helps reduce the volume of foam waste, reducing pressure on landfills and incineration facilities.
  • Resource reuse: Crushed foam can be recycled to make new foam or other plastic products.
  • Environmental protection: By reducing foam waste, the foam crusher helps to reduce the burden on the environment.

Working principle of shredding foam


The foam waste is dropped into the inlet of the plastic foam crusher.

Cutting and shredding

Once the waste enters the EPS foam crusher, an internal system of blades begins to rotate. These sharp blades are used to cut and pulverize the Styrofoam, converting it into small particles or chips.


The crushed particles are passed through a system of screens to screen out the desired size of particles. The screen can be changed to adjust the particle size as required.


Finally, the crushed Styrofoam pellets are discharged through an outlet for further processing or recycling.

Advantages of EPS foam crusher

  • Efficient processing: Foam shredder can efficiently pulverize foam, greatly increasing processing speed and saving time and labor costs.
  • Material reuse: The crushed foam pieces can be reprocessed and regenerated for use in the production of new foam products, such as packaging materials, insulation materials, filling materials, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly: By reducing the volume of foam waste, the styrofoam shredder helps to reduce the burden on landfills and incineration facilities, reducing the negative impact of plastic waste on the environment.
  • Multipurpose: EPS foam crusher machine is suitable for a wide range of foam types, including EPS foam and PE foam, and has a wide range of applications.

Other plastic recycling machines for waste plastics

In addition to foam crusher, we also have plastic crusher, PET bottle crusher, plastic granulator, PET bottle label remover and other plastic recycling machines for machine recycling. These machines are of good quality and good performance, which are indispensable recycling equipment.

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