Metal baler is efficiently compressing all kinds of metal scraps such as waste iron, steel into solid block products. Our scrap metal briquette machine has the advantage of increasing the reuse of resources, lowering costs, reducing environmental pollution, and increasing the value of waste materials.

Not only that, our metal scrap baler machine is popular in the international market and widely exported to Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Thus, if you want a baler for metal recycling, come and contact us for more details!

working video of metal compactor for scrap recycling

Applicable materials to be baled by metal baler

It is mainly used in recycling and processing industry and metal smelting industry. It can extrude all kinds of metal scraps, steel shavings, scrap steel, scrap iron, scrap copper, scrap aluminum, aluminum shavings, disintegrated car shells, waste oil drums, aluminum cans, paint drums, ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, and other metal raw materials into rectangular, cylindrical and other shapes of qualified furnace materials. After bundling, the scrap metal bales are easy to store, transport and reuse.

Advantages of metal baler machine

sheet metal baler
sheet metal baler
  • Resource reuse: By compressing scrap metal into lumps, the metal baling machine improves resource reuse and helps conserve limited natural resources.
  • Cost reduction: Compressed metal scrap takes up less storage space, reducing storage and transport costs.
  • Environmental protection: Our metal recycling baler helps reduce environmental pollution, especially the scattering and leakage of metal scrap.
  • Improving value: Compressed metal lumps are often easier to sell, increasing the value of the scrap.

Hot selling metal baler machine for sale

ModelPressurePowerBale sizeBin sizeCapcaityForming time per cycleVoltage
metal baler machine parameters

Our hot-selling model is listed above, in addition to the models listed above, we also offer a range of other models including high-capacity, customized and special for different metal scrap.

You can tell your scrap name, needs of metal bale size, budget, etc., and we’ll offer the best solution to meet your demands.

Structure of scrap metal baler

This metal baler usually consists of a main hydraulic system, compression chamber, feeding system, control system and lubrication system.

scrap metal baler
scrap metal baler

The hydraulic system provides the required pressure to compress the metal scrap into a strong block. The compression chamber is the holding area for the scrap and is usually constructed of sturdy steel.

A feeding system is used to feed the scrap into the compression chamber, while a control system monitors and adjusts the process.

A lubrication system ensures the smooth operation of the machine components.

How does hydraulic metal baler work?

Our hydraulic metal baling press works by feeding loose metal scrap through a feeding system into a compression chamber.

Once in the compression chamber, the hydraulic system is activated, applying high pressure to compact the scrap into blocks.

The control system monitors and maintains the proper pressure and time to ensure the quality of the lump metal. Ultimately, the finished compacted metal block can be easily removed and used for storage, transport or reuse.

How to choose a suitable metal baler?

If your scrap belongs to ferrous metal, then we recommend you use a high squeezing pressure baler with turnover, the density of the bale is relatively large, and the speed of bale discharge is quick.

If your scrap belongs to light metal and thin material, such as aluminum scrap, aluminum cans, etc., then we recommend you to use the baler machine with front discharge. Because there is only a second compression, all the force points are concentrated in the front door, which also creates the low density of the bales and the exclusive characteristics of thin and light material.

If your scrap belongs to heavy material, then we recommend you to use metal baler with side discharge. The volume and weight of the heavy material after the package are relatively large, the use of this horizontal metal baler has slow discharged metal bales, but smooth discharge. If adding material, choose to robotic hand or suction cup way to carry it out.

Tips on choosing a hydraulic scrap metal baler

industrial metal scrap baler
industrial metal scrap baler

When you need a baler for metal for waste recycling, you need to answer the following basic questions:

  1. What is the raw material?
  2. What is your expected size of the baled materials?
  3. How many tonnes of pressure from the metal baler machine do you want?
  4. What is the size of the silo?

Related scrap metal recycling machine for sale

In addition to metal baling machine, we also have the metal shredder, metal shear machine available for processing the waste metal. If you have any requirements, please contact us and we’ll provide the best solution to facilitate your metal recycling business!

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