EPS hot melting machine is crushing, heating and plasticizing waste foam, such as foam fast food boxes, foam packing box material, and then extruding them into lumps, which are convenient for transporting and selling.

This Styrofoam hot melting machine can handle 300 kg of EPS EPS foam per hour, which is highly efficient.

This equipment is carefully designed for users who are unwilling to make granules. It requires little investment and is easy to operate, making it very popular among users.

Advantages of EPS hot melting machine

  • 1.5-2t per 8 hours: The machine is small but the output can reach 1.5-2 tonnes in 8 hours a day.
  • Crushing and plasticizing in one: This EPS foam melting machine is crushed and plasticized in one, occupies a small area, and one person can operate it and do production.
  • Flexibility: Our EPS hot melting recycling machine is movable, equipped with diesel engine also, and convenient and efficient.
  • Ecomical: The finished product is easy to store and transport, and also profitable.

Technical parameters of EPS hot melting machine for sale

Brand: Shuliy

Machine name: EPS foam melting machine

Capacity: 300kg/h

Size: 1300*600*1400mm

Power: 18.5kw

What materials can be melted by EPS foam melting machine?

Foam fast food box, cake box, foam packing box material, thermal insulation material and foam material, net film white pollution waste, etc.

applications of EPS foam melting machine
applications of EPS foam melting machine

What about EPS foam hot melting machine price?

The price of the EPS XPS foam hot melting recycling machine will vary depending on the model, specifications, manufacturer, and number of features. The pricing aspects that you, as the customer, are most concerned with usually include the balance between the machine’s performance and price, as well as the machine’s long-term return on investment.

The key is to ensure that the price of the EPS hot melting machine is relatively reasonable and matches its performance, durability and environmental features for an efficient, economical and sustainable operation in use, thus maximizing economic and environmental benefits.

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