Metal chip briquetting machine is to compress loose metal chips, like aluminum chips or fragments into compact blocks for storage, transport and reuse. This machine is popular for its excellent performance and environmental friendly features. Whether it is steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel or other metal materials, the metal chip briquetting press machine can process them efficiently and convert them into valuable block products. Still worried about your scrap metal chip disposal? Hurry up and contact us!

Metal chips that can be processed

Our metal chip briquetting machine can process all kinds of metal scraps, including steel chips, aluminium chips, copper chips, iron chips, stainless steel chips, aluminium alloy chips, lead chips, zinc chips, nickel chips, chromium chips, titanium chips, magnesium chips, brass chips, precious metal chips, waste and scrap cables, scrap metal parts and so on. These raw materials are compressed into solid blocks under the action of metal chip briquetting machine, which improves the reuse rate of resources, reduces storage and transport costs, lowers environmental pollution and increases the value of scrap materials.

Working principle of metal chip brqiuetting machine

The working principle of metal chip briquetting press is relatively simple but efficient. It mainly compresses the scattered metal chips or fragments into compact blocks by the action of the hydraulic system. Below is the detailed working principle of the metal chip briquetting machine:

metal chip briquetting machine for sale
metal chip briquetting machine for sale

Supply of metal chips

Scattered metal chips are supplied to the inlet of the briquetting machine. These metal chips can be any kind of metal scrap from metal processing or scrap metal recycling, such as steel chips, aluminum chips, copper chips etc.

Press and compression

Once the metal chips are supplied inside the machine, the hydraulic system begins to work. The hydraulic system uses a high-pressure fluid (usually hydraulic oil) to exert a strong pressure, which is transmitted to one or more pistons. These pistons push downwards, compressing the metal chips into a block. The strength and duration of the pressure can usually be adjusted according to the desired lump density.

Discharge of lumps

Once the metal chips have been sufficiently compressed into lumps, the lumps are pushed out of the machine. Usually, there is an outlet inside the machine from which the lumps are discharged.


After briquetting, the metal blocks can be collected. Because these lumps of metal usually have a high density, they take up less space and are easier to transport and store.

Highlight of metal chip briquetting press machine

briquetting machine for metal
briquetting machine for metal
  • Resource reuse: By compressing the metal chips into briquettes, the value of the scrap metal is increased, contributing to resource reuse.
  • Reduced storage and transport costs: Briquetted metal lumps take up less space than loose scrap. This reduces the cost of storing and transporting scrap metal, reducing the amount of storage space and transport costs required.
  • Environmentally friendly: Metal chip briquetting machine helps to minimize scrap scattering and reduce environmental pollution. In addition, by reusing scrap metal, the need for new raw materials is reduced, thereby reducing the environmental burden of mining and production activities.
  • Improving scrap value: The use of metal briquetting press increases the density of scrap metal and therefore its value. This makes scrap metal easier to sell and fetches a better price.
  • Reliability and durability: Aluminum chip briquetting machine is typically made of sturdy materials that provide good durability. They can often operate for long periods of time under high workload conditions without serious breakdowns.

Related briquetting machine for metal

The metal briquetting machine has three types: vertical metal chip brinqueting machine, horizontal metal chip compactor and metal baler machine. These machines work in different ways to compress metal scrap into strong blocks that can be recycled. Choosing the right equipment depends on the type of scrap, the size of the process and the needs of the application.

Service about metal chip briquetting machine

Customised solutions

We understand that the needs of different customers vary. That’s why we offer customized solutions, designing and manufacturing our metal chip briquetting machines according to the specific needs of our customers. Whether it is to process a specific type of metal scrap or to adapt to the requirements of a specific workplace, we can provide a customized solution.

Technical support

Our professional technical team provides comprehensive technical support. We will provide customers with training on equipment installation, operation and maintenance to ensure that you can make full use of the performance of the metal chip briquetting machine. In addition, we also provide remote technical support to solve any problems in the operation of the equipment.

After-sales service

A comprehensive after-sales service is provided, including regular maintenance, spare parts supply and emergency repairs. Our goal is to ensure that our metal chips briquetting press maintains efficient and stable operation throughout its lifetime.


We provide training and education to our operators to ensure they understand the proper use and maintenance of our metal chip briquetting machines. This helps to improve safety and efficiency in the workplace.

Customer visit metal chips briquetting machine factory

During this tour, customers had the opportunity to see first-hand our production facilities and the manufacturing process of our metal chip briquetting machines. They interacted with our engineers and sales team to discuss their needs and customization options. The tour provided our customers with a deeper understanding and gave them greater confidence in our products and technology. This face-to-face interaction helped build trust, strengthen the relationship and provide better support in meeting customer needs.

Successful case of metal swarf compactor to Italy

We are proud to announce an exciting international business deal with the recent successful export of a metal chip briquetting machine to Italy. This briquetting machine was customized to meet the specific needs of our Italian customer for their metal scrap processing requirements. Our team works closely with our Italian customers from design to manufacture to ensure that the equipment fully meets their expectations.

We are committed to providing high-quality metal scrap treatment solutions to our global customers. What are you waiting for? Contact us now!