Plastic bottle crusher is mechanical equipment specially designed to quickly crush and break waste plastic bottles into small particles or flakes in the PET hot washing plant. It has a handling output of 600-1200kg/h, the specific configuration depends on the customer’s configuration.

Because raw materials are waste bottles, the raw material is usually fed into the machine using a conveyor belt to make the crushing project more efficient and convenient.

Besides, our machines are famous in the plastic recycling industry for their high-quality performance, good quality and long service life. If you need to buy related machines, welcome to contact us for more inquiries!

Advantages of plastic PET bottle crushing machine

  • Capacity of 600-1200kg/h: It can crush 600-1200 kg of waste plastic in one hour, which is very efficient.
  • Crushing PET bottles stably: Because of its high performance, the PET bottle crusher can crush all kinds of plastic bottles efficiently and stably, ensuring a smooth and efficient processing process.
  • Manufacturing machine with advanced technology: Sturdy and durable, the machine can work stably for a long time.
  • Reducing environmental pollution: The equipment has low noise and less dust during the working process, meets environmental protection requirements, and helps the green recycling business.

Technical parameters of plastic bottle crusher

Actually, it’s similar to the plastic crusher machine parameter, refer to below for for details.

The plastic crushing machine has SL-600, SL-800 and SL-1200 available for sale. The specific model should be related to the PET bottle crushing and washing plant you want to set up. You can tell us your needs such as budget, production requirements, etc., and we will help you choose the right model.

Why use plastic bottle recycling machine to crush bottles?

plastic bottle recycling machine
plastic bottle recycling machine

The use of plastic bottle crusher helps to reduce the size of discarded plastic bottles, reduce transport and storage costs, promote the recycling and reclamation of waste plastics, reduce the burden on the environment, and reduce the demand for new plastics.

Applicable materials to be crushed by plastic recycling machine

Plastic bottles, beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, juice bottles, milk bottles, plastic bags, plastic shopping bags, food bags, rubbish bags, PP, PE, PVC, etc.

Structure of plastic bottle crusher

plastic bottle recycling machine for sale
plastic bottle recycling machine for sale

Our plastic bottle crusher machine usually consists of the following components:

Feed system: Used to put the waste plastic bottles into the equipment.

Blade system: Including rotating blades or knife wheel, used to cut and crush plastic bottles.

Pressure mechanism: Compresses and crushes the plastic bottles by means of hydraulic or mechanical pressure, ensuring uniform and efficient crushing.

Screen system: Used to control the size of the crushed particles, the screen can usually be changed to adjust the size of the particles as needed.

Discharge system: Used to discharge the crushed plastic pieces.

How to crush plastic bottles for recycling?

Recycling plastic bottles is a great way to reduce environmental impact and conserve resources. One effective recycling method is to crush the bottles. Below are the steps for crushing plastic bottles for recycling.

Gathering materials

Before crushing plastic bottles, gather the materials you want to crush together.


Use a conveyor belt to transport the plastic bottles to the inlet of the waste bottle crusher.


By using a plastic bottle crusher, shred plastic bottles into small flakes.


The flakes are discharged for the next process thorough the conveyor.

How about plastic bottle crusher machine price?

The plastic bottle recycling machine price varies depending on the model, specification and manufacturer. Among these, Shuliy PET bottle crushing machine is famous for its outstanding performance and quality. We offer a wide range of shredders at relatively reasonable prices to meet the needs of different customers.

Whether you need a small home use or a large industrial plastic bottle shredder, Shuliy has the right choice. In addition to price, our machines are favored for their reliability, efficiency and durability, making them an ideal solution for disposing of waste plastic bottles.

Tips to start a plastic bottle crusher machine project

Starting a plastic bottle shredder project is a sustainable and environmentally friendly move. This project contributes to waste plastic management, promotes sustainable development, and creates business opportunities. Below is some suggestions for your reference.

Firstly, determine the size and positioning of the project and select the appropriate model of plastic bottle crusher.

Then, find a suitable site and obtain the necessary permits. Establish partnerships, for example with recycling centers or manufacturers of recycled plastic products, to ensure that the crushed plastic bottles can be effectively reused.

Finally, set up a suitable collection and distribution system to send waste plastic bottles to the shredder and then transport the shredded material to its destination.