Copper wire granulator machine is used to strip and separate copper wires and cables to obtain pure particles of copper for recycling and recovery. This is a specialized machine for processing copper wires and cables with a separation purity of over 99% (ensuring that there is no plastic amongst the copper rice). It effectively removes the insulation layer and separates the copper from the plastic, thus enabling the reuse of resources. Thus, this cable wire recycling machine is ideal equipment for wire recycling.

What materials can be processed by copper wire granulator machine?

Copper Cables: Includes various types and sizes of copper cables, such as power cables, Telecommunication cables, etc.

Copper wire: Single copper wire or stranded wire, usually used in wire and cable manufacturing or electronic equipment.

Scrap cable: Waste cable with insulation, such as old cable wires and bundles.

Copper scrap: Waste copper materials from dismantling and scrap recycling, including copper tubes, rods, etc.

How do you get copper granules?

The copper wire granulator machine separates the insulating layer of copper material from the copper metal through a series of steps. The following is the working process of the wire granulator:

Raw material feeding

feeding of copper cable wire granulator machine

Firstly, the copper cables or copper wires to be processed need to be fed into the inlet of the copper rice machine. Usually, this material is fed into the machine by means of a conveyor belt or manually.

Stripping of insulation

The machine is equipped with an internal stripping device to remove the insulation from the copper cables or wires. This process usually involves rotating blades or scraping devices that strip the insulation from the copper wire.

Separating copper and insulation

outlet of e-waste recycling machine

Once the insulation has been removed, the copper wire granulator machine uses different physical methods to separate the copper from the insulation. This may involve vibrating screens, air sorting systems or density separation devices to ensure that pure copper particles are separated.

Collection and storage

The separated copper particles are usually transported to a container or storage area for subsequent recycling and disposal.

Insulation layer treatment

The insulation layer separated from the copper usually requires separate treatment and may be compressed into blocks or subjected to further processing and disposal.

Scrap copper wire granulator machine advantages

  • Efficient performance: Our cable wire granulator machine is able to efficiently strip copper cables and wires of their insulating layers, quickly separating the pure copper metal.
  • Resource recycling: By converting waste copper cables and wires into reusable copper material, our machine helps to increase resource recycling rates and reduces the need for new copper.
  • Cost savings: The use of copper wire granulator machine reduces the cost of waste cable disposal, including storage, transport and disposal costs.
  • Ease of operation: The copper cable wire recycling machine is usually designed to be simple and easy to operate and maintain, reducing labour costs. Only one person is enough.
  • Durability: Our machine is usually made of durable materials and construction for a long service life.
  • Customisability: We can customize the machine to meet your specific processing requirements.

Why use copper wire granulator machine for recycling?

industrial copper wire granulator machine
industrial copper wire granulator machine

All over the world, there is a great variety of used wires and cables, square wires, automobiles and motorbikes as well as electric vehicles, network cables communication cables, headphone cables, etc., which have been used or exchanged. The purpose of our use of the copper wire recycling machine is to overcome the loss of copper and other by-products during the regeneration process, and to make it more scientific and automated. It can bring us the following effects:

Economic effect: No matter which kind of wire and cable, network cable communication cable, our machine has a recovery rate of more than 99%, and can be more to deal with a variety of wires, to help you maximize profits.

Protect the environment effect: The whole process of crushing → sorting → dust collection is rigorous and harmonious, which is more effective and environmentally friendly than either burning or water selection, and will not produce water pollution and dust pollution.

Delivery of copper wire granulator machine

When you successfully purchase the waste copper wire recycling machine from us, we will make shipping arrangements as soon as we have finished production, as follows:

Technical data of copper wire recycling machine for sale

SL-400100-1501.5* 1.8*2.12.219
cable wire recycling machine parameters

Our scrap copper wire granulator machine has a capacity of 100-1000kg per hour for processing cable wires and copper wires. If you’re in the recycling industry, welcome to contact us for more machine details!

Ask the best copper wire granulator machine price!

copper wire granulator
copper wire granulator

If you want to buy the most cost-effective copper wire granulator machine, contact us. Our professional managers will provide the best offer according to your needs!

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