Plastic shredder machine is crushing soft and rigid plastic materials such as plastic film, plastic bottles into small pieces for recycling. This plastic crusher has a capacity of 600kg/h-1200kg/h.

Our machines are characterized by versatility, performance and quality and can therefore handle a wide range of plastic materials, both hard and soft, to meet different production requirements. If you want to recycle plastics, welcome to contact us for more inquiries!

working video of plastic shredder

Crushing materials by plastic shredder machine

Film, film bags, cling film, foam, rigid plastic, plastic boxes, food containers, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyamide, PET bottles, HDPE bottles, PVC pipes, PC sheets, ABS parts, plastic toys, plastic drums, etc.

applications of plastic shredder machine
applications of plastic shredder machine

Advantages of plastic shredder machine in plastic recycling

  • Volume reduction: Plastic waste often takes up a lot of space, and the industrial plastic shredder machine can reduce the volume of waste plastic material significantly by crushing it into small particles or powders. This helps to reduce the cost of landfill and incineration.
  • Raw material supply: Crushed plastic can be used in the production of recycled plastic products. It can be used to make new plastic products such as recycled plastic bottles, containers, pipes, parts, etc.
  • Resource-saving: By recycling and reusing waste plastics, the plastic crusher helps reduce the demand for new plastics, thereby reducing the consumption of resources such as crude oil. This contributes to sustainable resource management and environmental protection.
  • Reduced environmental impact: Through shredding and recycling plastic waste, the risk of waste going to landfills or polluting the environment is reduced. This helps to reduce pollution of land and water resources and improves the ecological environment.
  • Economic benefits: The plastic recycling industry creates employment opportunities and can lead to the development of related industrial chains, such as the manufacturing of recycled plastic products and the processing of recycled plastics. This helps promote economic growth and sustainable development.

Choosing one suitable plastic shredder machine

Blade width600cm800cm1000cm
Blades qty10pcs10pcs10pcs
Blades material60Si2Mn60Si2Mn60Si2Mn
plastic crusher machine parameters

Choosing the right model of plastic shredder requires consideration of several factors, including application needs, processing capacity, budget and desired shredding results. There are also machine durability, after-sales service, brand reputation and so on.

Consider all these factors and choose a suitable plastic shredder model to meet your specific needs and project requirements.

If in doubt, you can contact us at Shuliy Machinery for more information and advice. Below is the parameter information of our hot-selling plastic crusher for your reference.

Structure features of plastic shredder machine for recycling

internal structure of commercial plastic crusher
internal structure of commercial plastic crusher

Plastic crusher blades

Blades are an important part of a plastic shredder, they are usually located inside the machine and are used for cutting and crushing plastic materials. These blades are usually made of high-strength alloy steel or other sturdy materials to ensure that they are sufficiently wear-resistant and durable. The design and arrangement of the blades affect the crushing effect and output.

The number, shape and angle of blades will vary depending on the application and requirements. For example, some blades may be designed to be serrated to cut hard plastics more efficiently, while other blades may be flat for crushing soft plastics into small particles. Blades are also typically removable and replaceable for ease of maintenance and care.


The screen is another key structural feature that is usually located in the outlet or discharge channel of a plastic crusher. Sieves serve to control the size of the crushed plastic pellets. They ensure that the final pellet size is within the desired range by screening out oversized particles.

How to crush waste plastic?


Plastic materials to be processed are fed into the feed opening of the commercial plastic shredder machine. These materials can be used as plastic products, scrap or new plastic raw materials.


Once the plastic material enters the plastic film shredder, the blade system begins to rotate and cut, tear and break the material. The movement and force of the blades break the plastic material into smaller particles.


Crushed plastic particles are screened through a screen or perforated plate to control the size of the particles. The aperture size of the screen can be adjusted as needed to achieve the desired pellet size.


The final recycled plastic pellets are discharged from the machine’s discharge port and can be used to manufacture recycled plastic products. These pellets are usually subjected to quality control and testing to ensure that they meet the required specifications and quality standards.

Waste plastic shredder machine role in the plastic recycling industry

plastic shredder in plastic recycling machine line
plastic shredder in plastic recycling machine line

The role of a plastic recycling shredder in a plastic recycling line is to crush waste plastic products into small pellets, the first step in the overall plastic recycling process.

These granules can then be reused in subsequent processes to produce new plastic products, helping to reduce the volume of plastic waste, lowering the burden on the environment and promoting sustainable plastic recovery and recycling.

Do you know the cost of plastic crusher machine?

Plastic shredder machine prices can vary widely depending on a variety of factors such as its capacity, features, brand, and where you buy it. Prices may change over time and may vary by region and supplier.

To get accurate and up-to-date prices for Plastic Crusher, we recommend contacting us directly for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Services provided by Shuliy about plastic recycling machine

Shuliy is a renowned manufacturer in the field of Plastic Recycling Machines and offers a range of services related to plastic recycling.

These services may include supplying high-quality plastic recycling machinery such as plastic shredder machine, PET bottle crusher and plastic granulator, providing technical support and guidance, ensuring efficient after-sales services and facilitating the recycling process of various plastic materials.

Shuliy’s expertise in plastics recycling contributes to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices in the industry.

Where to find a good plastic shredder machine manufacturer?

There are several ways to find reliable plastic shredder manufacturers. These include searching online, checking industry reputation, seeking expert advice and checking supplier directories.

By combining these methods, you can identify manufacturers that are known for their quality products and meet your specific requirements.

And we Shuliy not only rank high in Google searches, but are also reputable in the plastic recycling sector. We also have factories for production and experienced expert services. If you need this area, we are exactly what you are looking for.