A customer from Ireland, who is highly environmentally conscious about waste disposal, wanted to find a sustainable solution to manage household paper and cardboard waste. He chose Shuliy Machinery’s Model 325 small cardboard shredder, but needed to make some special customizations to accommodate the Irish electrical plug standard.

Shuliy Solution for Ireland

The customer worked with Shuliy to customize the Model 325 cardboard shredder to suit Irish domestic power supplies. The home cardboard shredder is ideally suited for converting waste paper and cardboard materials into small filler pieces, solving the waste problem and creating opportunities for future recycling. In addition, the shredder is easy to operate for domestic use and is quiet enough not to disturb the surroundings.

Small cardboard shredder Model: SL-325
Maximum cutting width: 325mm
Grid size: 5×60mm
Applicable raw materials: 2-7 layers (corrugated)
Inlet width: 20mm
Power supply, voltage: 220V, 50Hz
Motor power: 1.3KW
Working speed: 12m/min
Noise level: 60
Net weight: 88Kg
Volume: 500×355×800
1 pc
machine list for Ireland

Benefits when using small cardboard shredder

Thanks to the regular use of the shredder for cardboard, the customer has succeeded in integrating waste paper and cardboard into the recycling process, reducing the burden on landfills. This not only helps the environment, but also helps to reduce resource wastage and achieve sustainable waste management.

In addition to this, his customized small cardboard shredder not only meets his household waste disposal needs, but also provides him with a greener lifestyle. This cooperation reinforces the concept of sustainability and benefits both the customer and the family.

Testing video of small cardboard shredder for Ireland

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