Fiber opener is commonly used in the textile industry to treat and prepare fiber material to make it a soft floc, more suitable for subsequent processing. The machine has a handling capacity of 200-300kg/h. The machine improves the quality and uniformity of the fibers by separating and loosening the fibers from the original fiber block or roll, removing impurities, dust and clumps from them.

This cotton opener can be used to process different types of fibers such as cotton, wool, polyester, etc. to meet different production requirements. The fiber opening machine plays an important pre-treatment role in textile production, ensuring the quality and consistency of the final product.

working video of fiber opener

Functions of cotton fiber machine

  • Separation: separates raw cotton fibers from the cotton bolls, removing seeds, impurities and leaves.
  • Leveling: improve the quality of the fibers by leveling the cotton fibers to give them a consistent length and shape.
  • Opening: separate the fibers, increase the gap between the fibers and improve the softness and breathability of the fabric.
  • Mixing: the textile material is more able to mix evenly into a fluffy floc in preparation for subsequent processing.

Highlights of fiber cotton opener

  1. Efficient processing: capable of quickly separating and loosening raw cotton fibers to improve productivity.
  2. Versatility: suitable for different types of fiber materials such as cotton, polyester, etc.
  3. Quality optimization: improves the quality and purity of cotton fibers by removing impurities, seeds and stains.
  4. Automated control: with an advanced control system to adjust processing parameters for precise processing.
  5. Environmentally friendly: adopting energy-saving technology to reduce resource wastage and comply with environmental requirements.
  6. Improvement of fabric performance: through opening and leveling, the connection between fibers is enhanced, and the softness and breathability of fabrics are improved.

Technical data of fiber opener

Model: SL-600

Dia: 600mm

Power: 18.5kw

Weight: 1.1T

Capacity: 200-300kg/h

Working width: 1 m

Size: 800x1700x1200 mm

Brand: Shuliy

This is our hot-selling model of the opening machine, often used together with the cleaning machine, it is a more efficient way to recycle waste textiles.

If you want to know which model is suitable for you, please tell us your requirements and we will provide you with the most suitable solution according to your needs.

Working principle of fiber opener

The polyester fiber opening machine works by mechanically separating and loosening fibers from the original fiber block or roll.

cotton waste opening machine
cotton waste opening machine

When the fibers enter the machine, they are fed into the processing area, usually by means of a conveyor belt or conveyor system. In the processing area, the machine is equipped with rotating blades, gears or carding devices that separate the fibers, removing impurities, stains and clumps, as well as flattening and stripping the fibers.

This process increases the gaps between the fibers, making them more suitable for subsequent spinning, weaving or other textile processes. Ultimately, the fibers leave the machine in a more homogeneous and ready state, improving its quality and processability!

Fiber opener machine manufacturer

As a fiber opener manufacturer and supplier, we not only have rich technical experience and expertise in providing high-quality equipment, but also keep innovating to meet the market demand. We also provide after-sales service, including maintenance, parts replacement and training.

fiber opener machine manufacturer
fiber opener machine manufacturer

Our polyester fiber opening machine plays a key role in the fields of textile, recycled material processing and waste management, providing reliable fiber processing solutions to customers in different industries.

Fiber opening machine price

cotton fiber opener machine
cotton fiber opener machine

Do you know how to buy a cost-effective fiber opening machine? The price of our fiber opener machine varies depending on the model, brand, specifications and market area. For accurate pricing information, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer or supplier, i.e. Shuliy Machinery, where our professionals will learn about your specific product and configuration and get a quote based on your needs.

Global cases of fiber opener

There is a wide range of examples of fiber opener machines being used around the globe. For example, in countries such as Asia, a large number of fiber opening machines are used in the textile industry to process cotton, silk and other fiber materials. These machines are also widely used in manufacturing industries in Europe and North America to improve material handling efficiency. In addition, a number of developing countries have adopted fiber opening machinery in recycled material handling and waste management, contributing to sustainable resource recovery.

Related machine for textile fiber recycling line

In a fibre recycling line, we usually consider the fibre cutter →opener → cleaner as a highly efficient automated production line for the fast processing of textile fibre waste.