With the popularity and application of plastic products, the generation of waste plastics is also increasing year by year. Among them, the plastic crusher machine as important processing equipment for waste plastics, plays an important role in plastic recycling. However, different types and forms of waste plastics processing there are differences and skills, the following will be introduced in detail to the plastic crusher for different types of waste plastics processing skills.

Processing of soft plastics

Soft plastics are those materials with poor thermal properties and easy to deform, such as PE, PP, PVC and so on. Because soft plastics are more easily deformed, the processing of plastic crusher machine needs to use a relatively small blade spacing and a larger outlet to prevent soft plastics in the jaws of the process of stretching phenomenon, resulting in poor cutting uniformity.

In addition, the processing of soft plastics also needs to consider the moisture content of the material. Due to the high water content of soft plastics, it is necessary to dry the waste plastics before processing to ensure the effect of cutting.

Treatment of hard plastics

Hard plastics are those plastic materials with better thermal properties and poorer toughness, such as ABS, PC and so on. Because hard plastic materials are relatively hard, when dealing with hard plastics need to use a finer edge and relatively small outlet to ensure the effect of crushing and uniformity. In addition, hard plastic waste material is more susceptible to surface contamination, so before processing the need to remove impurities and dirt, etc., to ensure the processing effect.

Processing of film and fibre

Film and fibre refers to those materials that are easily deformed due to thinness or deformed by stretching, such as packaging film, fabric fibre and so on. In general, film and fibre in the processing of plastic crusher need to use a special edge and mesh plate, and need to use a lower cutting speed to avoid tearing and mixing of waste materials. The film and fibre need to be processed by Shuliy plastic crusher machine taking into account the surface coverings, such as grease, dust, etc. This dirt will affect the recycling efficiency and quality of the waste material, so it needs to be cleaned and treated before processing.

Disposal of plastic wood materials

Plastic wood materials are those composite of waste plastic and wood materials into new environmentally friendly materials, the treatment of which there is a big difference with a single plastic material. In the processing of plastic crusher machine, plastic wood materials need to use specific knives and heads to ensure the uniformity and quality of the mixture.

In addition, when processing plastic wood materials, it is necessary to take into account the content of wood materials and particle size, these factors will affect the recycling efficiency and quality of plastic wood materials.

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