So happy to cooperate with the Slovakian company about home cardboard shredder! This company specializes in the processing and sale of cardboard shredder. They quickly recognized the growing demand for the machine and sought a trustworthy supplier to increase their sales.

To meet their needs, the customer began searching for a home cardboard shredder supplier in the international market. During their search, they learned that Shuliy Machinery is highly regarded as a leading brand in the field of carton shredder manufacturing.

Why choose Shuliy as home cardboard shredder supplier?

  • Rich experience: Shuliy has many years of experience in machinery manufacturing and has been committed to providing high-quality equipment and services.
  • High-quality manufacturing: All equipment is manufactured using high-quality materials and excellent workmanship for superior durability and reliability.
  • Individual customization: We are able to provide individual solutions according to your specific needs, ensuring that the equipment is perfectly matched to the home environment.
  • After-sales service: Shuliy provides comprehensive after-sales service, including equipment installation, training and maintenance, to ensure that the customer’s equipment is for long-term stable operation.
  • Competitive price: Our machine has competitive prices to provide customers with value-for-money equipment.

Machine list for Slovakia

Cardboard shredder
Cardboard shredder
Width of Cutting the material:425mm
Shredding shape: cross-cut
The speed of shredding:12m/min
Noise (db): 60DB
Cut shape: including mesh blade
G. W: 200KG
Packing size:630x830x1260(0.66CBM)
1 pc
Extra blade
Extra blade
Cutting shape: bar
One set
1 pc
matched plug
matched plug
machine list for Slovakia

Note: This customer not only purchased the moulds that can be used to make the net, but also an additional set of knives that can be used to make the bar shape. In addition to this, we also customized the machine plugs according to the customer’s needs.

Looking forward to home cardboard shredder order from Slovakia!

Are you interested in cardboard shredders? If yes, feel free to contact us for more information about the machine! Our manager will also provide you with professional solutions to meet your needs.