Plastic bale breaker is debaling all kinds of wrapped bales, especially PET bottle bales in the plastic recycling line. This machine is usually used in PET bottle washing plant for plastic recycling.

bale opener in plastic PET bottle washing plant

Features of PET bottle bale breaker

  • Efficient opening: The plastic recycling bale opener adopts advanced breaking technology, which can efficiently and quickly unpack tightly baled PET bottle packages and reduce processing time.
  • Automatic operation: This equipment has an automated control system, which realizes automatic monitoring and control of the opening baled process, reduces manual intervention and improves operational efficiency.
  • Safe and reliable: PET bottle bale breaker machine design takes safety into account, and the use of safety protection devices to ensure that the operation process can protect the safety of the operator.
  • Lower labour costs: The automatic breaking feature reduces the burden of manual opening and lowers labour costs, which is conducive to improving the overall economic efficiency of the recycling line.

Working principle of plastic bale breaker

The entire working process is automatic, and the opening and handling of the plastic bales are realized by mechanical devices. This working principle guarantees an efficient, fast and continuous operation, suitable for large-scale plastic packaging recycling and processing.

Conveyor system

The bottle bale opener feeds the plastic bottle bales through the conveyor system into the processing area.

conveyor of bale opener for plastic
conveyor of bale opener for plastic

Cutting device

In the processing area, the plastic bale breaker is equipped with a cutting device that is able to cut the plastic bottle bales and open them.


The cut PET bottle bals are opened and returned to their original state for subsequent processing steps.

Conveying or sorting

Convey opened plastic bottle bales to the next processing stage, which can be a sorting, crushing, washing, etc. step, depending on the design of the plastic recycling line.

Why use plastic bale breaker machine in PET bottle recycling?

PET bottles are usually packed into compact blocks in the production and sales process to reduce the occupied space, but this also increases the difficulty of handling in the recycling process, so when recycling is carried out, the bale opener is needed to open and unpack the packed plastic bottles first before other processing.

In plastic bottle recycling, if PET bottles are baled, the bale opener for plastic is necessary to use.

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Because the bale opener is used in the PET bottle washing line, it forms a complete plastic bottle recycling line together with de-labelling machine, PET bottle shredder and washing machine. This is a big help for the plastic recycling industry. Contact us if you have such needs!

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