Faced with a large amount of discarded plastic film, the Ghanaian customer felt the urgency of the environmental problem. However, he also saw the opportunity in it. By recycling these waste materials, it not only helps to protect the environment, but also creates economic value for himself. Thus, he was looking for a plastic film granulator to help him.

Why buy Shuliy plastic film granulator for Ghana?

During market research, the Ghanaian customer found that our plastic recycling granulator were highly regarded for its excellent performance and reliable quality. For the needs of plastic film granulation, we provide professional solutions and customized granulator models for all kinds of film materials.

In addition, Shuliy plastic film granulator has a good price. Because we’re an integrated production and sales company, it has a price advantage over other suppliers. There is also high-quality after-sales service provided. Therefore, this Ghanaian customer finally chose us. The final order is as follows:

plastic pellet makerHost pellet making machine
Model: SL-150
Power: 37kw
2.3m screw
Heating method: Ceramic heating
Reducer:500hardened gear reducer
Second pellet making machine
Model: SL-140
1.3m screw
Heating ring
Reducer:400hardened gear reducer
Grinding head:350-round electric grinder(2.2kw)
Screw material: 40Cr(High hardness and wear resistance)
Barrel material: 45# steel
1 pc

1 pc
plastic pellet cutting machinePellet cutting machine
Model SL-180
Power: 3KW
With inverter
Hob knives
1 pc
machine list for Ghana

Package and delivery of plastic film granulator to Ghana

After successful co-operation, we arranged production immediately. After the production of the plastic pellet machine was completed, the transport was arranged. We pack the machine in wooden crates and work with our regular logistics company to deliver the machine to the customer’s destination in Ghana.

Benefits to Ghanian client

With the introduction of the plastic film granulator, the Ghanaian customer has successfully achieved efficient recycling of waste plastic film. The high capacity and low energy consumption of the machine make it more competitive in terms of operating costs, laying a solid foundation for both environmental protection and economic benefits.

Moreover, the Ghanaian customer not only sets up his own plastic film recycling site through the plastic film pelletizing machine, successfully transforming waste plastic film into high-quality recycled pellets, providing a stable source of raw materials for the local industry, but also injecting new impetus into the locally sustainable production model.

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