An Australian distributor noticed a surge in demand for high-efficiency industrial cardboard shredder in the filler and packaging materials market. After careful research, he learned that Shuliy Machinery’s cardboard shredder had an excellent reputation among users and was highly effective, so he decided to introduce this advanced technology.

Introduction of industrial cardboard shredder to Australia

Because of the good reputation of our home cardboard shredder, this customer brought in 10 sets of cardboard shredder machines from Shuliy. With its excellent performance, the machine efficiently cuts corrugated boxes into fillers to meet the packaging needs of end customers. Through user feedback and evaluation, the distributor learned that the Shuliy cardboard shredder not only performed stably but was also easy to maintain, which won them unanimous praise.

The machine parameters are shown below:

Cardboard shredder
Cardboard shredder
Model: SL-325
Maximum cutting width: 325mm
Grid size: 5×60mm
Applicable raw materials: 2-7 layers (corrugated)
Inlet width: 20mm
Power supply, voltage: 220V, 50Hz
Motor power: 1.3KW
Working speed: 12m/min
Noise level: 60
Net weight: 88Kg
Volume: 500×355×800
10 sets
Australian plug//
machine list for Australia

Make profits from Shuliy cardboard shredder

With the success of the Shuliy industrial cardboard shredder in the Australian market, the distributor has not only met the market demand, but has also succeeded in creating new sales opportunities. These ten machines have enabled the distributor not only to make a profit, but also to achieve a prominent position in the industry.

Looking forward to your order from Australia!

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