In response to the global call for environmental protection, Shuliy recently completed the successful installation of its first plastic recycling granulator in Saudi Arabia, providing a new solution for local plastic waste recycling.

Customized services to meet diverse needs

During the installation process, Shuliy provided the Saudi Arabian customer with a series of customized services, including a detailed analysis of the local plastic waste, on-site surveys and targeted equipment adjustments. We’re committed to providing each customer with a solution that best suits their needs and ensures that the plastic granulators are used to maximum effect.

Why choose to buy and install Shuliy plastic recycling granulator?

The Saudi customer chose our plastic pelletizer because of its leading position in plastic recycling on one hand, and Shuliy’s extensive industry experience and global service network on the other. Saudi customers highly approve of the performance, quality and after-sales service of Shuliy’s equipment, and consider us as a trustworthy partner.

After the installation, we provided a full range of after-sales services to the Saudi customer, including equipment training, regular maintenance and emergency troubleshooting. The purpose of this series of services is to ensure the stability of the plastic granulator in long-term operation and maximize production efficiency.

Benefits of plastic waste recycling in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has always been committed to promoting the cause of environmental protection, through the introduction of our plastic recycling granulator, waste plastic resources can be effectively converted into recycled pellets, which not only realizes the efficient recycling of resources, but also improves the local environmental protection level. This is in line with the Saudi government’s environmental objectives and helps build a cleaner and more sustainable society.

running plasitc recycling line in Saudi Arabia
running plasitc recycling line in Saudi Arabia

Want more details about plastic recycling machine?

After reading the above, are you interested in the plastic recycling granulator machines we offer as well as our installation services? If so, contact us and we will provide you with more information about the machines according to your needs!