PET bottle label remover machine(plastic label removing machine, label remover machine) is designed and made especially for stripping off the outer labels of all types of plastic bottles (or flattened bottles).

It has a de-labeling rate of >98%, greatly improving the efficiency of PET bottle recycling. This plastic bottle label remover is necessary for PET bottle crushing and further cleaning process.

video on how plastic bottle label remover works

Plastic PET bottle label removing machine features

  • Sharp and durable blades: The label remover machine’s internal blades are made of high-quality, sharp and durable materials to ensure effective cutting and removal of labels from PET bottles.
  • Strong construction: Our PET bottle label remover machine is built tough and durable to withstand the test of a continuous label removal operation in a recycling or processing plant.
  • Customization options: Depending on your needs we can offer machines specifically customized to meet your production requirements. To handle different types of bottle labels.

Reference to label remover machine parameters

Model: SL-600

Output: 1000-1200kg/h

Delabeling rate: >98%

Power: 11kw(machine power)+3kw(fan power)

Dimension: 4000*1800*1600mm

The above data is for your reference when you choose PET bottle label remover machine used for the plastic bottle recycling washing plant.

Usually, the plastic bottle label removal machine should be proper in the PET bottle crushing line. If any questions, welcome to contact us for more classifications!

How to remove labels from plastic bottles?

The working principle of the PET bottle label remover machine consists of two main steps: mechanical removal and wind blowing.

Firstly, mechanical blades are used to quickly and accurately cut, peel or tear labels from PET bottles, ensuring efficient label removal.

Next, a fan or wind device is equipped to blow the mechanically removed labels away from the surface of the PET bottle by generating an airflow, making the entire label removal process automatic, clean and efficient.

Applications of PET bottle label remover machine

Baled plastic bottles, water bottles, drinking bottles, edible oil bottles and others. The plastic bottle label remover is often integrated into PET bottle recycling lines to process large quantities of used PET bottles to prepare them for use in the production of recycled PET bottle flakes. This machine is to separate the PVC labels and PET bottles for better crushing plastic bottles.

applicable bottles of PET bottle label remover
applicable bottles of PET bottle label remover

Guidance to correctly use PET label remover machine

  • Read the user manual: Begin by carefully reading the owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer. The manual contains basic information on machine specifications, safety precautions, and proper operating procedures.
  • Machine inspection: Before the operation, inspect the PET bottle label remover machine for any visible damage, loose parts or abnormalities. Ensure that all components are securely in place and that there are no foreign objects inside the machine.
  • Proper setup: Set up the plastic label removing machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This includes connecting the power supply, adjusting the settings, and making sure all components are installed correctly.
  • Start and monitor the operation: Start the machine according to the specified procedure. Closely monitor the operation during the initial phase to ensure proper functioning. Resolve any unusual sounds, vibrations or problems promptly.
  • Regular maintenance: Carry out a regular maintenance program as outlined in the user manual. This may include cleaning, lubricating moving parts, and checking for wear. Adhering to a maintenance schedule will extend the life of the machine and ensure consistent performance.
label removing machine
label removing machine

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If you want to know the price of PET bottle delabelling machine, please feel free to contact us! Our professional team will provide you with detailed product information and quotations.

By contacting us, you can get customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you have questions about equipment performance, specifications or pricing, we are ready to help.