Good news from Peru! Our cable wire recycling machine was exported to Peru for waste cable processing. As you know, Shuliy’s copper wire recycling machine specializes in separating and rewording waste copper wire and cable to create profit. Our Peruvian customer is interested in this. Let’s look at the specific information of the case.

Background introduction of Peruvian customer

A Peruvian customer, dedicated to the recycling and reuse of scrap cables, had been looking for an efficient and reliable machine to maximize the extraction of valuable materials from scrap cables. He decided to set his sights on Shuliy Machinery’s cable wire recycling machine to challenge the potential of the scrap cable recycling sector.

Performance of Shuliy cable wire recycling machine

  • Reliability: Shuliy copper cable wire recycling machine is known for its stable operation and reliability. The machine requires little maintenance, reducing downtime and repair costs.
  • Resource recycling: This machine helps to maximize the extraction of valuable materials from scrap cable, especially copper wire cable.
  • Economic benefits: For the scrap cable recycling business, this machine turns waste into treasure and utilizes waste to create profit value.
  • Excellent after-sales service and support: We provide after-sales service and technical support so that you feel supported and trusted.

This Peruvian customer just saw the above performance of our machine and felt that our machine particularly meets his needs, so he placed an order. We arranged the transport.

Achievements of cable wire recycling machine in Peru

  • Efficient refining of scrap cables: The customer chose our cable wire granulator machine and started processing the scrap cable. With its excellent performance, the copper rice machine quickly disintegrates the scrap cable and extracts the valuable copper wires. The customer was impressed by the efficiency and reliability of this equipment.
  • Turning waste into profits: With the Shuliy copper wire recycling machine, the customer successfully transformed the waste cable into valuable copper, which not only helps in resource recovery but also creates new business opportunities. Waste is no longer just a burden, but becomes a resource of economic value.

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