Plastic dryer machine is to remove water from plastic film, scrap, flakes or others with high humidity and bring them to a dry state suitable for processing and production. Because of the nature of the machine, it is usually the same in plastic recycling machines in various production lines. Thus, if you want to set up a highly efficient plastic recycling line, this plastic dewatering machine can help you a lot.

Types of plastic dryer machines

We have two types of plastic dryer machines for sale: vertical & horizontal drying machines. Below is the detailed introduction.

Vertical-type dewatering machine

  • Structural features: The vertical plastic dewatering machine usually has a vertical design where plastic pellets or products are processed in a vertical drying drum.
  • Space occupancy: This type of plastic dehydrator usually requires less floor space and is suitable for work environments where space is limited.
  • Ease of maintenance: Vertical plastic film dryer machine is usually easy to maintain and easy to clean and repair.
  • Applicable range: Suitable for small or medium-sized batch drying of plastic products, such as plastic films, agriculture films, woven bags, packaging bags, etc.

Horizontal plastic dehydrator

  • Capacity: 1000kg/h
  • Constructional features: This plastic flakes dryer machine is usually of a horizontal design, where the plastic pellets or products are processed in a horizontal drying drum.
  • Large capacity: The plastic dryer machine typically has a large drying capacity for high-volume production needs.
  • Stability: Shuliy plastic dewatering machine is generally more stable and are suitable for long runs and high-volume production.
  • Scope of application: Suitable for large plastics production lines, drying materials such as plastic flakes, plastic chips, PET bottle flakes, etc.

Functions of plastic dewatering machine in the plastic recycling line

The main function of a plastic dehydrator in a plastic recycling line is to remove moisture from plastic flakes, films, chips or products to improve the quality and sustainability of the recycled plastic. This plastic dryer machine evaporates or removes moisture from the plastic, either mechanically or by means of hot air, ensuring that the recycled plastic reaches the desired moisture level.

This helps prevent moisture from adversely affecting the quality and performance of recycled plastic products, improves hygiene standards for recycled materials and promotes sustainable plastics recycling and recycled product manufacturing.

What features plastic dryer machine?

  • Efficient drying: Plastic film dryer machine provides efficient drying performance by quickly removing moisture from plastic pellets or products.
  • Temperature control: Our machine typically features a temperature control system that adjusts the drying temperature as needed to ensure that the plastic is dried at the proper temperature to avoid overheating or overcooling.
  • Adjustable capacity: Shuliy plastic scrap dryer machine usually comes with a choice of different capacities and sizes to meet the needs of different sizes of production.
  • Energy efficient design: We design the machine to be energy efficient, reducing energy consumption and lowering production costs.
  • Durability: The plastic dryer machine is usually built with durable materials and construction to ensure reliable operation for long periods of time.
  • Safety: Plastic chips dryer machine usually has safety features such as overheating protection and safety switches to ensure the safety of the operator.

How about plastic dryer machine manufacturer?

We’re a professional plastic recycling machine manufacturer and supplier, having the following advantages:

  • Expertise: Plastic dryer manufacturers usually have extensive expertise and experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality plastic drying equipment.
  • Customization capabilities: As a professional recycling machine manufacturer, we are able to provide customized drying solutions to meet different plastics processing requirements.
  • High-quality equipment: We also usually focus on product quality and provide reliable and high-performance equipment to ensure the effective drying of plastic materials.
  • After-sales service: Besides, we provide after-sales support, maintenance and spare parts supply to ensure sustainable performance of the equipment.

In addition to the above, our plastic recycling machine has a competitive price, warranty and others. Thus, if you want to find a reliable supplier, choose us!

Related equipment used together for plastic recycling

Apart from plasticdehydrator, we also produce other types of plastic machines, such as plastic crusher, plastic granulator, foam crusher, foam cold press and so on, to meet different plastic processing and manufacturing needs. If you want to do plastic type recycling, contact us quickly! We will provide professional support and service according to your needs!