Plastic scrap washing machine, also called PET flakes hot washing machine, is mainly used for high-temperature steaming of PET, PC, ABS/PS and hard submerged plastic flakes for cleaning plastic wastes.

Compared to the plastic friction washer, this hot washing tank has a higher cleanliness. After cleaning, it can be used directly for chemical fibre and bottle blowing.

Thus, this machine is one of the components of the PET crushing and cleaning line, which is widely used in the waste plastic recycling industry.

Why use hot washing machine again in PET bottle washing plant?

The main purpose of reusing PET flakes hot washing machine in the PET bottle washing line is to remove residual grease and impurities.

The high-temperature washing process with hot water or steam effectively breaks down and removes residual grease, dirt and other organic substances from the surface of the bottles as well as from inside the bottles.

hot washing machine in PET bottle washing line
hot washing machine in PET bottle washing line

This not only helps to improve the quality and hygiene standards of the recycled PET material, but also helps to ensure the safe and sustainable utilization of recycled PET bottles to meet market demands and environmental standards.

Advantages of plastic scrap washing machine

  • Durable: The bottom of the machine is 12 thick, the cylinder wall is 10M thick, the material is thick, durable, and stable performance.
  • Unique design: Our PET bottle flakes hot washing machine bottom is a cone mouth design, clean and rapid discharge, preventing the material residue out of endless yellowing.
  • Quality power: Shuliy plastic scrap washing machine adopts the famous motor, the branded motor, which is strong and high quality.
  • Independent control of temperature control, electrical box, to protect the stability of the heating temperature and the safe operation of the machine.

Materials to be handled with plastic scrap washing machine

  • PET crushed submerged plastic flakes
  • PC crushed submerged plastic scrap
  • ABS/PS broken submerged plastic flakes
  • Hard submerged plastic pieces

Working principle of PET flakes hot washing machine

The plastic scrap washing machine works by washing used PET bottles in an environment of high-temperature water or steam(70℃-80℃), with detergent.

The hot water or steam helps to soften and break down the grease, dirt and organic matter on the surface of the bottles, which is then rinsed away from the surface of the bottles by means of mechanical agitation and spraying.

The cleaned PET bottle flakes become cleaner, more hygienic and suitable for use in the production of recycled products, improving the quality and sustainability of the recycled material. This process helps to meet environmental and quality standards and promotes effective recycling and reuse of used PET bottles.

After-sales services of Shuliy plastic scrap washing machine

plastic scrap washing machine manufacturer
plastic scrap washing machine manufacturer
  • Installation and commissioning: We will send a professional technical team to assist customers in carrying out the installation and commissioning of the equipment to ensure that the equipment runs normally, if necessary.
  • Technical support: You may encounter problems in the use of the process, and we will provide technical support, and remote problem-solving to the scene to assist in solving the problem.
  • Spare parts supply: Shuliy provides the necessary spare parts for the equipment to ensure that customers can obtain the necessary parts at any time.
  • Regular maintenance: We advise you to carry out regular maintenance on your equipment to prolong its service life and improve productivity.
  • Customer satisfaction: For customer feedback and needs, we pay attention to it. And we are committed to providing high-quality after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction.