Our plastic compactor machine is a kind of equipment used to pack items, which can tie the plastic tape to pack items tightly to ensure the stability of the items in the process of transport and storage. Here are the general operating steps and precautions for plastic bottles baler.

Preparation before using plastic compactor machine

Place the baler machine on a smooth floor to ensure that there is enough space for operation. Check the power cord of the baler to ensure that it is well connected and insert the plug into a stable power outlet. Check the quality and length of the plastic straps to ensure they meet the requirements and place them near the baler.

Switch on the baler

Press the switch of the plastic compactor machine to start the equipment. Adjust the tension, density and length of the plastic straps on the screen. Select the appropriate settings on the screen according to the size and weight of the baled items.

Feed waste materials

Place items to be baled on the conveyor of the plastic film baler, making sure the items are in a stable position, overlapped and organized as required. In this process, if there is a large number of plastic scrap for packaging, we always use the conveyor belt to assist. Anyway, we can collate according to your needs.

Pack materials

In the working chamber, the materials to be packed are compressed into pieces by the pressure system of the machine until the desired state. In the working process, pay attention to the status of the machine when working, and the machine control cabinet buttons, in order to facilitate timely checks.

Tighten and knot baled materials

Tighten and knot the plastic straps using manual or automatic operation as required. Make sure knots are securely in place to secure packaged items.

Finish the operation

Remove the packed items from the baler table. Switch off the baler’s power switch and disconnect it from the electrical outlet.

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shuliy plastic compactor for sale

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