A customer in the UAE planned to use the corrugated cardboard shredder to make the fillers required for red wine packaging to ensure that the wine is not damaged during transport. He sought the help of Shuliy Machinery to obtain an efficient cardboard shredder for converting waste paper and cardboard materials into fillers to improve the protection and sustainability of the packaging.

Solution for UAE client

This customer worked with us (Shuliy Machinery) to select the right corrugated cardboard shredder for his needs. The paper and cardboard shredder is ideal for cutting used paper and cardboard into shapes to be used as fillers for red wine bottles. This solution not only improves the protection of the packaging, but also efficiently recycles the old paper, in line with the principles of sustainability.

Coffurated cardboard shredderWidth of Cutting the material:425mm
Shredding shape: cross-cut
The speed of shredding:12m/min
Noise (db): 60DB
Cut shape: including mesh blade
G. W: 200KG
1 pc
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Advantages of corrugated cardboard shredder

Easy to operate: The home cardboard shredder is so easy to operate that the customer and his team quickly mastered the operation with little learning. This enabled them to quickly produce the fillers they needed for their wine packaging requirements.

Remarkable effect: Thanks to the efficient performance of the expander, this customer was able to produce a large number of fillers, ensuring that the red wine bottles remained intact during transport. The reuse of the fillers also contributes to waste reduction in favour of sustainable packaging.

Video of corrugated cardboard box shredder for UAE

Feedback from this UAE customer

The customer is very satisfied with the corrugated cardboard shredder and service provided by Shuliy Machinery. The cooperation not only met his needs but also helped him to achieve his goal of sustainable packaging. The customer was impressed by the efficient work and reliability of Schulich Machinery.

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