Good news from Malaysia! We successfully cooperated about the textile waste cutting machine with the Malaysian client. The customer searched for a global supplier and came across the strengths of Shuliy Machinery. Known for its excellent fiber cutting machines, Shuliy Machinery has a wealth of experience and a wide range of products that are highly compatible with environmental concepts. And we also personalise our solutions to the specific needs of our customers to ensure that they are met.

Client’s requirements

A fibre manufacturing company in Malaysia was looking to upgrade its production line to improve efficiency and reduce waste. He urgently needed a high-performance fibre waste cutting machine to meet his production needs.

fiber waste cutting machine
fiber waste cutting machine

Customised solutions

We tailored a highly efficient and durable textile waste cutting machine to his requirements. This machine has a fast cutting capacity and is able to handle many types of fibre materials.

Also, we delivered the textile waste cutting machine to the his factory in Malaysia as planned, and our engineers provided professional training to ensure that he could operate and maintain the machine correctly.

Successful application of textile waste cutting machine in Malaysia

The customer integrated our fibre cutter into his production line and quickly achieved productivity gains. The reliability and high performance of the machine have enabled the customer to reduce production costs and minimize waste generation, resulting in sustainable production.

uses of textile waste cutting machine
uses of textile waste cutting machine

Machine list for Malaysia

Textile waste cutting machineModel: 800
Capacity: 300kg/h
Weight: 650kg
Speed: 720t/min
Maximum feed:200mm
Size: 2150*1250*1360mm
1 set
machine list for Malaysia

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