A business owner in Uzbekistan was looking for a high-quality fiber waste cutting machine to meet his fibre cutting needs. However, he lacked knowledge of the machinery and equipment market, so he contacted us at Shuliy Machinery on Google. We at Shuliy Machinery are known for our international reputation and excellent fiber cutting machines, which highly match the customer’s needs.

Solution for Uzbekistan client

We had an in-depth conversation with the customer to understand his specific needs and the scope of the fiber cutting project. Based on this information, we recommended a customized fiber waste cutting machine from Shuliy Machinery to meet his requirements.

We provided the Uzbekistan customer with a specially customized fibre shredding machine with efficient and accurate cutting capabilities to accommodate different types of fibre materials. Also, we provide comprehensive training to help the customer’s team use and maintain the equipment properly after the machine’s arrival.

Reference to fiber waste cutting machine parameters

CutterModel: SL-800
Capacity: 300-500kg/h
Speed: 720t/min
Maximum feed:200mm
Size: 2150*1250*1360mm
1 set
machine list for Uzbekistan

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