Our textile cleaning machine is specialized for cleaning the textile waste, including the waste cloth. A Peruvian textile mill, specializing in the treatment of rags and waste textile raw materials, sought to improve the efficiency of cleaning its waste fabrics. He showed a keen interest in finding a high performance cleaning machine to cope with the increasing demand for raw material handling.

Why choose our textile cleaning machine for Peru?

The plant handles a large amount of rags every day, and the sources of raw materials include waste clothes, bed sheets, duvet covers, and so on. The rags contain a large number of impurities, such as plastic, metal, wood chips, etc., and need to be cleaned and popcorned before they can be used. The impurities in the rags will affect the cleaning effect, resulting in lower product quality. In addition, impurities can cause clogging of the equipment, affecting productivity.

The Shuliy textile cleaning machine adopts advanced technology to effectively remove the impurities in the rags. The machine is constructed with a double drum structure that effectively separates impurities, while also cleaning and popping the rags. In addition, our opener and cleaner have the ability to clean rags efficiently. The machine can handle many types of waste textile materials, which improves the processing efficiency.

Thus, we recommend the one opener machine and cleaner machine with 6 rollers for increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Attractive strengths of textile cleaning machine

  • Efficient cleaning capacity: efficient and thorough cleaning of textile materials.
  • Durable and Reliable: made of high-quality materials and workmanship for long and stable operation.
  • Professional technical support: comprehensive after-sales service and technical support, including equipment installation, training and maintenance.
  • International reputation: an excellent international reputation, widely used in different regions of the world, and highly recognized by customers.

Machine list for Peru

Opener Machine
Opener Machine
Size:1800x1550x1300 mm
Brand: SLY
1 set
Working width :1 m2 pcs
Cleaner Machine
Power: 45.5kw
Dia of roller:250mm
Size: 6200*1700*1300mm
Brand: SLY
1 set
machine list for Peru

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