Plastic washing machine specialize in cleaning and processing crushed plastic films, such as plastic bags, packaging films, agricultural films and so on. This washing machine has a capacity of 100-500kg per hour for cleaning PP PE films for plastic recycling. If you want plastic films recycling, this equipment is necessary for you to use.

Necessity of using plastic washing machine in plastic recycling line

The necessity of using the plastic film washing tank in a plastic recycling line lies in its ability to effectively clean the plastic material after film shredding. The main function of this step is to remove impurities, grease and residues from the surface of the plastic, thereby improving the quality of the recycled plastic. Clean plastic film is more easily reprocessed for the production of new plastic products, while helping to reduce the burden on the environment and promoting sustainable plastics recycling.

Therefore, in the plastic recycling line, the plastic waste washing tank plays a key role in ensuring the quality and sustainability of recycled plastic films.

What materials can be washed by plastic washing machine?

  • LDPE film: Low-density polyethylene film, commonly used for plastic bags and packaging materials.
  • HDPE film: High-density polyethylene film used in a variety of applications, including agricultural film and industrial packaging.
  • PP film: Polypropylene film used in packaging, textiles and other products.
  • PET film: Polyethylene terephthalate film for bottles, trays and other packaging materials.
  • PVC film: Polyvinyl chloride film is used in a variety of plastic products, including blister packs and construction materials.
  • PS film: Polystyrene film for packaging, food containers and disposable tableware.
  • Multilayer film: Multilayer film consisting of different plastic layers.
  • Agriculture film: Used in agriculture farming.

Structure of PP PE plastic washing machine

The structure of a PP PE plastic washing tank usually consists of main motor, screw, grapple device and chain system.

The motor is the power source to drive the whole washing tank, which is connected to the grapple device through the chain system so that the gripper can move in the washing tank to agitate and clean the plastic materials. The movement of the grapple device is coordinated by the chain so that the plastic films are uniformly cleaned in the washing tank, resulting in an efficient plastic washing process.

Advantages of plastic recycling washing machine

Stable performance: Smooth running, easy and safe operation, long service life and convenient maintenance.

Strong motor: Strong copper motor ensures the machine can run stably and conveniently separate the floating material quickly.

Professional technology: Sufficient power and durability is not easy to break to save time and effort to use conveniently.

Obvious effect: Good cleaning effect, the machine noise is small, high efficiency and wide use.

What other machines are used in plasitc film recycling line?

For this plastic recycling line, machines that can used are plastic film crusher → plastic film rinsing tank → plastic dryer machine → plastic pelleting machine → plastic pellet cutter machine. These machines make up an entire production line that can help you recycle and process plastic film for recycling, helping you turn waste into profit.

Technical data of plastic film rinsing machine

Model: SL-500

Capacity: 100-500kg/h

Power: 2.2kw

Length: 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m(length can be customized)

Thickness: 5mm

Width: 1.5m

Height: 1.5m