An Australian customer, who owns his own transport company, has clear reuse goals. He plans to maximize the recovery and use of resources by reusing cardboard and producing filler. For this purpose, he chose to introduce Shuliy shredder for cardboard boxes to increase the efficiency of his cardboard reuse program.

Outstanding performance of the Shuliy shredder for cardboard boxes

Our cardboard shredder is renowned for its efficient shredding capabilities, which enable it to quickly and accurately cut waste cardboard to the desired size, providing high-quality raw material for filler production. By choosing a Shuliy corrugated cardboard shredder, this customer reduces waste disposal costs and increases the benefits of reuse.

How does the Australian client maximize benefits?

By using a Shuliy shredder for cardboard boxes, the customer has realized the efficient reuse of waste cardboard, successfully converting it into valuable filler material. This not only helps the environment, but also provides a cost advantage for the customer’s filler production, thus maximizing the benefits.

Due to having his own transport company, the customer not only improves transport efficiency but also reduces overall transport costs through autonomous transport. The efficient crushing of the cardboard shredding machine provides a more compact and lighter-weight material for transport, which further enhances transport efficiency.

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