A customer from Togo contacted us to buy plastic pelletizing equipment because he wanted to recycle PP plastic for profit. Our plastic granulator has features of high efficiency, various plastic waste handling and great performance. Because of these, this client and we have a deep discuss with the machine.

Why buy plastic pelletizing equipment for Togo?

As a developing country, Togo’s plastic waste management has always been an urgent problem. The large amount of plastic waste has a serious impact on the local environment, so strengthening plastic recycling has become a top priority. However, limited by the level of technology and equipment, Togo’s plastic recycling industry is relatively lagging behind.

After investigating the situation, our client in Togo wanted to purchase a plastic recycling machine to recycle the material, reduce the burden on the environment and make a profit at the same time.

Advantages of Shuliy plastic pelletizing machine

  • Versatile processing capacity: Shuliy’s plastic pelletizing equipment can process a wide range of waste plastics, enabling the customer to adapt more flexibly to market demands.
  • Energy efficiency: Advanced technologies and processes ensure the high performance of our machines, while focusing on controlling energy consumption to make production more economical.
  • Customized solutions: Shuliy offers a full range of customized solutions based on customer needs, ensuring that customers can utilize the full potential of our machines.
  • Ongoing support services: We have always been committed to providing comprehensive after-sales services to ensure that customers receive timely technical support and maintenance services during the use of their machines.
plastic pelletizing equipment for sale
plastic pelletizing equipment for sale

Machine list for Togo

After understanding the advantages of our machines, this customer is very satisfied with our equipment, and finally purchased the following list of machines:

Horizontal dewatering machine
Horizontal dewatering machine
Power: 11kw
H: 2.5m
Dry materials
1 pc
Plastic pellet machine
Plastic pellet machine
the first pellet machine:
Model: SL-150
2.6m screw
250 Hardened gear reducer
Heating method: quartz tube heating
Screw material: 40Cr                
Sleeve material: heat-treated

the second pellet machine :
Model: SL- 135
1.3m screw
225 Hardened gear reducer          
Heating method: ceramic heating
Screw material: 40Cr
Sleeve material: heat-treated
with hydraulic head
1 pc
Pellet cutter
Pellet cutter
Converter speed regulation
Hob knives
1 pc
machine list for Togo

Feedback from Togo client on plastic pelletizing equipment

This client has provided positive feedback after using Shuliy’s plastic pelletizer equipment. Not only is the production efficiency significantly improved, but it can also handle a wide range of plastic wastes, and the quality of the plastic pellets produced is so good that they are sold directly on the market, receiving favorable comments and making a profit.

Looking forward to your order from Togo!

Seeing the current situation in the country and the success of the above clients’ profits, aren’t you impressed? Come to contact us to learn more about the machine!