An environmental company in Nigeria was looking for an efficient way to dispose of large quantities of waste LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) plastics. They wanted to find a plastic film crusher that could efficiently shred these plastics for further recycling while reducing the impact on the environment.

An ideal solution: SHuliy plastic film crusher

After comparing and evaluating a variety of plastic shredders on the market, the company chose the Shuliy Plastic Shredder. Shuliy plastic crusher machine with its powerful crushing capacity, stable performance and efficient recycling efficiency to win the customer’s favor.

Shuliy plastic crusher can be a large number of waste LDPE plastic for efficient crushing. The crushed plastic particles are uniform and medium-sized, which is very suitable for the subsequent recycling process.

And the final machine order is shown below:

400 type plastic film crusher1. Model: SL-400
2.Voltage:380V50Z3phase electricity
5. Blade length is 100, width is 100, thickness is 16, 55Crsi cutting tool material.
6. The machine needs to be with wheels
1 pc
BladesSuitable for 400 type shredder, a set of 5 pieces1 set
machine list for Nigeria

What service is offered by Shuliy to Nigeria?

Shuliy’s professional team traveled to Nigeria to provide on-site equipment installation and commissioning services. We ensured the correct installation of the plastic crusher and carried out detailed running tests to ensure that the equipment could meet the customer’s needs for LDPE plastic recycling.

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