An environmental company in Nigeria decided to invest in a PET bottle recycling line in response to the growing problem of PET plastic waste. They expect the equipment to enable large-scale recycling and processing of PET bottles and turn them into reusable resources.

Choose our PET bottle washing plant and supporting services

After market research and comparative analysis, the Nigerian customer finally chose our PET bottle washing line. Our equipment won the customer’s trust with its advanced technology, efficient cleaning ability and good durability.

At the same time, the customer also ordered a full set of installation and technical support services provided by us to ensure that the new production line can be put into operation smoothly.

Professional installation services to help customers quickly start production

At the same time when the PET washing line machine was introduced to Nigeria, our professional technical team also arrived in Nigeria to provide on-site installation guidance and commissioning services for the customer.

Our engineers not only ensure the correct installation of the PET bottle washing line, but also meticulously carry out a full range of commissioning optimization of the entire production line to ensure its stable and efficient operation.

PET bottle recycling line in operation with remarkable results

With our help, our Nigerian customer’s PET bottle washing recycling machine was quickly put into operation. From bulk PET bottles to clean and dry PET flakes, the entire process is smooth and efficient.

The successful operation of the plastic recycling line has greatly improved the recycling rate of local PET bottles, and also reduced environmental pollution and promoted the development of the circular economy.

Customer feedback and follow-up service

Nigerian customers have highly praised our PET bottle recycling line and its supporting installation services. They praised our professionalism and reliability in project implementation and said that the efficient operation of the line could not be achieved without our strong support.

In addition, we promise to provide continuous technical support and maintenance services to ensure the long-term stable development of our customers’ PET recycling business.