Our client is a famous netroots blogger with millions of followers in France, who is dedicated to promoting the concept of eco-friendly lifestyle and circular economy. To further deepen his influence and give back to his fans, he decided to organize a special welfare giveaway event, which required the provision of eco-friendly packaging fillers made from discarded corrugated paper.

Why choose Shuliy cardboard box shredder for packaging material?

To realize this vision, the webmaster chose our company’s high-efficiency carton box shredder machine, which is specially designed to process waste corrugated cardboard and convert it into high-quality packaging filler material. The Schulich expander won over the customer with its high efficiency, low energy consumption and excellent environmental performance.

Customized cardboard box shredder for French client

We customized the cardboard box shredder for packaging material according to local French standards to ensure that the machine could be successfully commissioned locally. At the same time, we provided detailed installation instructions and operation training to ensure that the customer could get started quickly and produce efficiently.

Achievements of Shuliy carton shredder in France

This NetroStar made a large number of environmentally friendly packaging fillers using the Shuliy corrugated box shredder, and sent them to fans after carefully packaging them, interpreting the value of waste recycling and reuse through practical action, which triggered enthusiastic response and active emulation by the fan community.

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