The American customer wanted to find a solution for the efficient treatment of foam waste. Faced with this need, we actively recommended our EPS foam compactor to the customer to meet their special needs for foam treatment.

During the initial communication with the customer, we learned that they were concerned about the detailed information about the foam cold press and the problems they might encounter during the whole purchasing process, such as voltage adaption, payment method, transport, etc.

Detailed answers and machine demonstration

To better meet the customer’s needs, we promptly provided the customer with detailed information and working video of the foam cold press.

Through the vivid video demonstration, customers can clearly understand the efficient performance and operation of our EPS foam compactor when processing foam. At the same time, we demonstrated the features of the machine in detail in the video to ensure that the customer had a full understanding of the product’s performance.

Customized solutions and instant communication

We actively provided customized solutions after understanding some special requirements that the customer might be involved in.

For the customer’s concern about voltage, we provided options to adapt to different national voltage standards.

In terms of payment methods, we provided diversified choices to meet customers’ needs.

In the process, we maintain instant communication with our customers and answer their questions promptly, which enables our customers to trust our services more.

In-stock supply and efficient delivery

In order to meet the customer’s urgent needs, we informed the customer that the EPS styrofoam compactor was currently in stock and could be shipped quickly.

We confirmed all the details with the customer, including the mode of transport and estimated time of arrival, to provide a first-class shopping experience.

Through efficient stock availability and a swift dispatch process, we won the customer’s trust and ensured their satisfaction with our products.

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