PET bottle washing plant is specially designed for the treatment of waste PET plastic bottles and recycling system, which can be mineral water bottles, beverage bottles and other PET products into the staple fibre, three-dimensional bottle flakes and filament-grade flakes and other high-value products for the downstream industries, such as wire drawing, injection moulding, blister use.

Process of PET bottle washing plant

Preliminary treatment: de-labeling and crushing

Waste PET bottles are firstly removed from the labels by the de-labeling machine, and then crushed into flakes by the crusher.

Cold water washing

The crushed PET flakes enter into the cold water washing process to remove the surface adherents through a multi-stage washing and rinsing process.

High-temperature hot water cleaning

After cold water cleaning, the PET flakes are further deep cleaned in the high-temperature hot water PET bottle flake cleaning line to ensure the removal of residual stains and oily substances.

hot washing machine in PET bottle washing line
hot washing machine in PET bottle washing line

Cleaning and separation

The material is efficiently dry-cleaned using a drum friction dry-cleaning machine, which physically removes surface impurities and is equipped with a dust collection device for dehumidification and dust collection.

Fine washing and dry cleaning

The separated plastic enters into the dry cleaning machine again to thoroughly remove the fine sand and fine dust and other debris to ensure that the final output of PET bottle flakes is clean and free of impurities.

Characteristics of PET bottle flakes washing plant

The whole set of assembly PET bottle washing plant line adopts a fully enclosed three-dimensional design, which has good environmental protection performance. Water is recycled after filtration treatment, and the whole process is equipped with dust collection and gas treatment facilities, which effectively reduces air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution, and is in full compliance with the national environmental standards.

With a high degree of automation of the assembly line, only 1-2 people can complete the whole production process, greatly improving production efficiency and resource utilization.

PET plastic bottles washing line
PET plastic bottles washing line

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