Recently, a large daily necessities manufacturer in Saudi Arabia chose our advanced wire hanger machine to upgrade its large-scale galvanized wire hanger production line. The company is committed to meeting the growing market demand in the region and the Middle East, and urgently needs to introduce high-performance and stable hanger production equipment to improve production and product quality.

Attractions of Shuliy wire hanger machine for Saudi Arabia

  • Efficient and stable production capability: With its unique design and efficient performance, the Shuliy hanger manufacturing machine excels in the production of galvanized wire hangers. The automated wire feeding, forming and cutting process greatly increases production speed and ensures product consistency and quality.
  • Precise cost control: Through sophisticated control systems and intelligently optimized processes, Schulich hanger machines significantly reduce raw material losses and labor costs, enabling customers to maintain high-quality output while effectively controlling overall production costs.
  • Superior product quality: The galvanized hangers produced by our wire hanger making machine have excellent resistance to rust and corrosion and durability, which meets the demand for high quality hangers in Saudi Arabia and international markets. Stringent quality checks are built into the machine to ensure that every finished product meets the highest standards.
30-50pcs per minute hanger making machine
30-50pcs per minute hanger making machine

Services for our hanger making machine

  • After-sales service and technical support: Our technical team provides professional installation and commissioning services to ensure the smooth operation of Shuliy clothes hanger machines. We also provide comprehensive training to your staff to enable them to quickly master operating skills and maintenance knowledge.
  • Online service: After purchasing our wire hanger machine, you enjoy a full range of after-sales services provided by our company, including but not limited to troubleshooting, regular maintenance and technical consulting services. We promise to respond to any customer’s questions and needs at any time.
commissiong of wire hanger machine
commissiong of wire hanger machine

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