A recycling company located in Nigeria, which is committed to environmental protection, is facing the increasingly serious problem of plastic waste, especially discarded plastic film materials, and urgently needs to find an efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

The company hopes to transform these wastes into valuable recycled pellets through the introduction of an advanced PP PE film washing recycling line, to realize resource recycling and reduce environmental pollution.

Seeking plastic film pelletizing line with high performance and service guarantee

The Nigerian customer clearly put forward the following needs when inspecting the market:

  • The plastic film pelletizing line equipment should have the ability to process various kinds of waste plastic films with high efficiency.
  • Capable of processing various kinds of waste plastic films with high efficiency. It should be able to produce high-quality recycled plastic granules suitable for use in downstream industries.
  • Expect to get perfect pre-sales consultation, installation and commissioning and after-sales service support.
Shuliy PP PE film washing recycling line for sale
Shuliy PP PE film washing recycling line for sale

Attractive points of our PP PE film washing recycling line

  • Advanced technology: our PE PP plastic film recycling line adopts international leading crushing, cleaning, drying and extruding technology to ensure that the whole pelletizing process is efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
  • Excellent performance: able to adapt to different types and thicknesses of plastic film waste, producing uniform and pure recycled plastic pellets to meet a variety of recycling needs.
  • Customized design: for the specific requirements of Nigerian customers, we provide personalized design solutions to meet their capacity scale and site conditions.
plastic washing pelletizing line
plastic washing pelletizing line

Services provided throughout procurement to operation

  • Pre-sales consultation: our professional team provides customers with detailed product introduction and technical parameter analysis, and assists in determining the most suitable equipment model and configuration plan.
  • One-stop installation and commissioning: we send experienced engineers to Nigeria to carry out PP PE film washing recycling line installation and commissioning, and provide comprehensive training to operators to ensure that the equipment is put into operation smoothly.
  • After-sales support: provide long-term maintenance guidance and technical consulting services, and at the same time ensure the timely supply of required spare parts to reduce the risk of downtime and keep the equipment running continuously and stably.

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