PP PE film washing machine is a kind of waste film fragmentation, cleaning and recycling equipment. In the operation process, if you do not pay attention to the control, it is easy to cause material waste, reduce production efficiency and increase maintenance costs. Therefore, how to avoid the waste of materials caused by the plastic PE film recycling machine has become a matter of concern.

Equipment setting

The setting of the equipment can control the running speed of the equipment, different materials require different running speeds, which can avoid material waste. When improperly set, the plastic recycling machine may run too fast, resulting in material fragments too small to be reused, and the corresponding material will be wasted.

PP PE film washing machine line for sale
PP PE film washing machine line for sale

Maintenance of equipment

Maintenance of equipment is equally important. During the use of the PP PE film washing machine, it will inevitably encounter various obstacles, which will lead to equipment failure and also affect the efficiency of the equipment.

Frequent maintenance will cost more time and money, and will also lead to material waste. Therefore, the maintenance of equipment is also the key to reducing material waste.

Operator skills

Equipment operators need to have certain skills and be able to master the use of equipment to avoid material waste caused by improper equipment operation. Operators need to learn how to properly use the equipment, how to properly clean the equipment, and how to avoid equipment damage.

If the operator is not skilled in the operation of the equipment, easy to cause equipment failure, material loss and other issues, increasing material waste and maintenance costs.

Screening and classification of plastic materials

Materials used for the PP PE film washing machine need to be screened and categorized into separate materials.

Certain materials can only be screened by specific screening machinery, these machines will screen out some large pieces of material to avoid small pieces of recycling and lead to waste. After classification and screening, the size of the material fragments is more uniform, which can be better recycled and reduce material waste.

Proper storage and transportation

In the process of storage and delivery, attention needs to be paid to whether the storage place is neat, the control of temperature and humidity as well as whether the packaging of materials is appropriate, which will help to avoid the waste of materials.

During the storage process, materials need to be protected from moisture, sun, and pollution to avoid deterioration of the materials. During shipment, attention needs to be paid to the sealing and stability of the packaging to prevent the material from being damaged or lost during transportation.

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